Time to Put on Your Detective Hat On in Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys

I may be just a girl detective, but I can solve any case. HeR Interactive

HeR Interactive announced that Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys is now available worldwide. The game immerses players in 3D environments which capture the heart of the historic city of Prague. Players take on the role of the titular sleuth as she's asked to discover more about the theft of a client's heirloom necklace.

The game has players sharpen their detective skills as they help Nancy solve the various intricate puzzles that's been woven across the rich narrative. They get to investigate suspects and search for clues but as the the case deepens, they'll finds themselves entwined with medieval legends, alchemy, lore, and even sinister cybercrimes.

Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys is priced at $32 and exclusively available at HeR Interactive which you can access here. It's going to be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Key features of the game include:

  • Travel to Prague for a mystery with at least 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Investigate a necklace theft that holds the key to unlocking the city's dark past.
  • Meet and interrogate more than 10 unique characters and suspects.
  • New dual navigation.
    • Classic point-and-click.
    • Free-roam controls.
  • Challenging puzzles are woven throughout the story, including logic, slider, code, arcade, hidden object, and more.
  • Explore multiple environments through the ancient streets of Prague day or night.
  • Find and inspect 3D inventory objects with all-new combinable clues.
  • Discover artifacts that unravel secrets of Bohemian medieval legends and lore.
  • Become a barista and create coffee drinks to order at a historic café.
  • Get Immersed in the Czech culture, language, and history by analyzing exhibits and evidence.
  • Meet up at a marionette theater where players set the stage.
  • Old world meets new, where plot-twisting cybercrimes and technology are key.
  • Crack the case with detective gear, including a journal, camera, map, hints, task list, and suspect files.
  • Sleuth as detective Nancy Drew at Amateur or Master level and earn achievements.

HeR Interactive CEO Penny Milliken shared in a statement that Nancy Drew has been engaging players for more the 25 years with cases where players get to solve various intricate mysteries. She added that this new title introduces new gameplay features like the dual navigation system. She went on to say that there's also an updated user interface along with the introduction of novel interactions that's sure to enhance the overall player experience.

Get Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys and see how good your detective skills are.

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