The Adventure Begins as Solo Leveling: ARISE is Now Out on Mobile

Arise! Netmarble

Netmarble announced that Solo Leveling: ARISE is now available worldwide. It's out on mobile platforms through App Store and Google Play.

With this, players around the world can now enjoy this new action game as well as relive the events from the hit Webtoon. The game is set in a world that's been besieged by monster invasions with humanity being defended by humans with abilities called "Hunters." The story focuses on E-Rank hunter Sung Jinwoo, considered to be the lowest possible rank. A failed hunt leaves him seriously injured but it also results in him finding a way to level up and with it improve infinitely. Now he's on a quest to be the world's greatest hunter.

As players follow Jinwoo's journey, they get to experience a story that's fueled by truly beautiful graphics along with a fast-paced and impressive combat system. Players can also come up with their own combat styles by, among others, customizing skills and getting increasingly powerful weapons.

While the adventure won't be easy, Jinwoo won't be taking it all alone this time around. Other hunters are accompanying him, and each one brings with them their own unique abilities. This should allow players to have a team that's sure to defeat any enemies. It goes without saying that much like the Webtoon, Jinwoo can also summon his very own "Army of Shadows."

In celebration of the game's official launch, everyone is invited to join various in-game events that offer different rewards. These include:

  • 7-Day Gift! Check-In Event
  • Radiant Battlefield Dancer! Rate Up Draw Event for Cha Hae-In
  • Cha Hae-In Rate Up Celebration! Pick the Best Dancer
  • Dice Event
  • Points Event

That's not as players who pre-registered also get to receive the milestone rewards. These are:

  • Black Suit Sung Jinwoo skin
  • Legendary Artifact Sets
  • 10 Mana Power Crystals
  • and 100,000 gold

Talking about this release, Netmarble CEO Young-sig Kwon shared in a statement that considering how astounding the fan response was to the game, they're excited for the game to come out and be available to a wider audience. He added that their team has managed to develop "something very special" and hope everyone can enjoy the game.

Ready to save the world? Get Solo Leveling: ARISE now.

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