Timberborn: Update 4 Now Up for Testing; Introduces New Production Line for Iron Teeth

Update 4 (Experimental Branch)
Update 4 (Experimental Branch) Twitter/@Timberborn

Developers of the beaver city-building game Timberborn are onto something special with Update 4, now available in the experimental branch on Steam.

This patch implemented new stuff that makes the distinction between the two beaver factions in Timberborn, the Folktails and the Iron Teeth, much clearer than before.

New Production Line

In Update 4, the Iron Teeth faction has new crops that can feed the populace, as well as new structures that process these crops into more useful stuff.

The most basic crop for Iron Teeth is the Kohlrabi, which should help keep these beavers alive early on. However, these masters of iron and science can look into cultivating other crops as well, such as cassava, soybean, canola, corn, coffee bush, and eggplant. The Iron Teeth can also grow the new Mangrove Tree in shallow waters. This new tree yields tasty fruit and can be cut down for usable logs when the need arises.

On top of that, new buildings have been added to process the new crops. The Fermenter can produce fermented versions of cassava, soybean, and mushrooms.

New Crops for Iron Teeth
New Crops for Iron Teeth Steam

If the Iron Teeth beavers need some java to keep their energy levels high, they can put up a Coffee Brewery to make delicious coffee.

Here are the other new buildings for Iron Teeth:

  • New building: Oil Press (120 SP; Logs x 20, Planks x 20, Gears x 20; Iron Teeth only) - squeezes oil out of Canola seeds.
  • New building: Hydroponic Garden (200 SP; Planks x 20, Gears x 10, Metal blocks x 5; stackable; Iron Teeth only) - with a steady supply of water and over the course of a long period, this stackable garden grows algae and mushrooms, used to create highly nutritious rations and fermented food.
  • New building: Laborer Monument (1,000 SP, 200x Logs; Iron Teeth only). Work hard, work hard!
  • New building: Flame of Unity (3,000 SP, 300x Planks, 50xMetal blocks; Iron Teeth only). How many Iron Teeth do you need to change the lightbulb refuel a brazier? Four, apparently.
  • New building: Tribute to Ingenuity (12,000 SP, 400x Gears, 100x Treated Planks, 300x Metal blocks; needs power to operate; Iron Teeth only). The burden of the world lies heavy on an Iron Teeth’s shoulders.
  • New tree: Oak (takes 30 days to fully grow, yields 8 logs). These mighty trees may take a while to grow but the reward is grand!

Before you install this patch, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, the existing crops in Timberborn are now specifically meant for the Folktails faction, including wheat, carrots, potatoes, sunflowers, cattail, and spadderdock.

Second, even though you can load up and use an old save file, the developers still advise you to start a new game, mainly because of the many new things added to Timberborn by Update 4.

Timberborn is available on PC.

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