Timberborn: Golem Parts Assembly Duration Increased in Latest Experimental Update

September 1 Experimental Update
September 1 Experimental Update Twitter/@Timberborn

The beaver city-building game Timberborn received a new experimental update not too long ago. This patch implements balancing changes to golem parts assembly and more.

Timberborn developers said that Update 2 is almost ready to be launched, which means more players will be able to use Golems. In a previous post, devs expect Golems to come into play in the mid to late-game. This is probably why assembling Golem Parts now requires more time to complete in the latest experimental update.

For Golems to function, players need to build three parts: the head, chassis, and limb. The first two parts have their recipe duration increased from 12 to 18 hours. Furthermore, the Golem Limb now requires 4.5 hours to complete, up from three hours previously. With all parts ready, Golem assembly will take 36 hours to finish with two workers instead of just 24 hours.

Golems are far more efficient than the original beaver workers. However, in the latest experimental update, the Golems’ work speed bonus from boosts has been lowered to just 90%. It is possible that the developers feel this value to be more in line with their expectations, especially since Golems have been available in beta for a while now and players had enough time to test them extensively.

Here are the other important changes in this patch:

  • Added missing sound effects to Showers, Medical Beds, Healers, Gravity Batteries, and Teeth Grindstones.
  • Increased the game’s performance with tweaks to moisture and work assignment calculations.
  • Population’s Well-being panel now displays the effect each need has on the population’s average well-being.
  • In the Settlement panel, Power and Migration tabs no longer display dropdown menus. Elsewhere, these dropdowns will collapse after clicking anywhere outside.
  • The game will now remember the two districts most recently picked for Manual Migration.
  • Made several other tweaks to the UI.
  • Folktails’ Golem Factory model has received further updates.
  • Injuries (broken teeth included) now have a different chance of occurring based on the difficulty setting.
  • Under custom difficulty, it is now possible to manually adjust the chance for injuries.
  • Adjusted Golem Part Factories’ storage capacities to be uniform across factions.
  • Golems that are out of energy or biofuel will now have that correctly reflected in their well-being condition.
  • Fixed a bug with critical needs not preventing breeding when not satisfied.
  • Fixed a bug with new terraformed land blocks incorrectly displaying their moisture levels.
  • Fixed a bug with not-a-drill appearing on the Dirt Excavator’s construction site after reloading the game.
  • District names in the Migration panel will now be correctly refreshed after you change them.
  • Fixed a bug with main menu buttons missing their sounds.

Timberborn September 1 Experimental Update is available on PC

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