Timberborn: Golem Improvements Implemented in Latest Experimental Update

August 24 Update
August 24 Update Steam

There’s a new experimental update for Timberborn now available on Steam. This patch brings some much-needed improvements to Golems after the developers received community feedback.

Golems in Timberborn are robotic rodents that can help boost productivity in key industries. This helps alleviate your live beavers from too much work, giving them time to rest and enjoy leisure activities.

That said, some improvements were made to boost the Golems’ efficiency. The first is the Catalyst Tank, a building you can use to supercharge your Barrelbots with a secret plant compound. Furthermore, “Control Signal” has been renamed “Control Tower.” The Control Tower is a building that can send signals to Golems to boost their output.

Back then, Golems had a limitation where they needed repairs and fine-tuning from time to time. But after reviewing this, the developers felt that the maintenance duties required to keep Golems in tip-top shape were too much, heavily impacting their usability. Thus, they’ve opted to remove the Maintenance Station and Disposal Facility from the game.

You can read the other improvements to golems and more below:

  • Biofuel Refinery has been renamed Refinery and has a second recipe: Catalyst.
  • Golems no longer explode and pollute their surroundings on death.
  • Golem Factory (both factions) was renamed Golem Assembler. Its model was replaced with an updated Maintenance Station’s model. Yeah, we deemed it too cool to just throw away!
  • Removed specific profession boosts in Control Towers. The overall performance of golems has been increased due to the well-being rework.
  • All optional golem buffs are now under the “Boosts” need category.
  • Each unit’s well-being (or “condition” if it’s a golem) rating is now a summary of values provided by needs and attractions (or negative values if a beaver is injured etc.). Different needs and attractions have different values - now always displayed and grayed out if not satisfied.
  • Well-being and condition are now tiered - when a unit hits a certain tier, its bonuses are boosted.
  • Bonuses affecting a unit are now summed up and directly displayed in the unit’s panel.
  • Bonuses for adult beavers are Work Speed, Movement Speed, and Life Expectancy.
  • Bonuses for kits are Growth Speed, Movement Speed, and Life Expectancy.
  • Bonuses for golems are Work Speed, Movement Speed.
  • Kits now properly enjoy Wet Fur and Shelter as separate needs contributing to their Well-being.
  • Overheating has been removed.
  • Renamed Food and Water back to Hunger and Thirst.
  • Folktails’ Fertility buffs and debuffs have been removed, but the base Fertility value has been increased.
  • Carrying capacity buffs and debuffs from needs have been removed, but the base beaver and golem carrying capacity was increased to 14 and 20, respectively.

Timberborn’s August 24 Experimental Update is available on PC.

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