Fallout 76 Introduces Fortifying Atlas Event And Brings Back Meat Week

A new event is arriving.
A new event is arriving. Bethesda

Fallout 76 released Update 21, which introduces the new Fortifying ATLAS community challenges. This update also marks the return of the Meat Weak Seasonal Event. Additionally, it prepares everyone for the new event dubbed A Colossal Problem.

Fortifying Atlas

Starting today, players can take part in Fortifying ATLAS. This is a two-part community-wide event where everyone helps to construct a prospective base for the Brotherhood of Steel. Project Alpha starts on August 4 while Project Bravo begins on August 27. Each project is going to have its own supply requirements, collection dates, and rewards.

The event starts off with a man named Russell Dorsey. Russell believes that the Brotherhood of Steel are heading to Appalachia and the ATLAS Observatory, located in the Savage Divide, looks to be an excellent site for a makeshift HQ. Russell is leading the way when it comes to supply gathering efforts and asks everyone to deliver raw materials to fortify ATLAS.

Should the community be able to deliver enough scrap of each type in time, everyone earns in-game rewards which includes Brotherhood of Steel themed cosmetics, a Purveyor Super Sale, and a Double S.C.O.R.E. Daily event. In addition, each time players contribute materials, they get the ATLAS Donor’s Provisions. They can then open this from the inventory in order to receive goodies and even a chance to get rare Plans.

Meat Week is Back

The Meat Week Seasonal Event is also making a comeback to Appalachia. For those not familiar with this event, it offers some excellent opportunities to earn some Legendary Scrip, claim some loot, and even join the community. The event is happening from August 18 to August 24 and is divided into two parts:

  • Primal Cuts
    • Grahm wants to provide top notch fare during his Meat Cook.
    • Join Primal Cuts events in different regions of Appalachia to take down Prime Beasts and gather some Prime Meat.
    • Primal Cuts events begin every 15 minutes in three regions of Appalachia at once.
    • Each features a different difficulty so that low, mid, and high-level characters can all participate.
    • Kill the waves of Prime Beasts before the Primal Cuts timer expires and receive a few cuts of Prime Meat as a reward.
    • Be sure to turn in your Prime Meat during Grahm's Meat Cook events to claim some Legendary Scrip.
  • Grahm’s Meat Cook
    • To celebrate Meat Week, Grahm is hosting a Meat Cook for all his favorite humans every hour on the hour near Vault 76 in the Forest.
    • Help Grahm complete a variety of activities, like putting out fires, playing music, spinning meat spits, cleaning up after Chally, and more to help ensure his party is a hit.
    • The more successful the Meat Cook, the higher your chances at better rewards from the event.
    • A few new rewards have been added this year like, among others, plans to craft your own Tenderizer and a new Outfit.

A Colossal Problem

This new update brings this new Public Event to the game. However, some performance tweaks are still being made as well as additional testing before the event is enabled. This event is going to be available over the next couple of weeks.

You can learn more about this upcoming event and the bug fixes that arrived with Update 21 here.

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