The Tenants: Players Can Now Create Custom Items in Workshop Update

Workshop Update
Workshop Update Steam

Developer Ancient Forge gives The Tenants players the ability to create items using new modding tools in the aptly named Workshop update.

This patch also adds support for Steam Workshop, which provides players with an avenue to share their creations for others to use. Some of the popular items already up for download include the Suspicious Flower, “Blond” picture, and J.W. Figurine, among others.

The Workshop update also implements a new form of progression called District Levels. Basically, players will earn more rewards when they accomplish all of the jobs and apartments in each part of Wondersville. For example, Reaching District level 3 in Manhattan rewards players with an additional 10% rent in the area.

District Levels
District Levels Steam


  • Implemented job favors.
  • Implemented the ability to swap the end-game assistant.
  • Implemented Elite Contract entries in Steve's Guidebook.
  • Implemented rent tips.
  • Implemented ceiling-based items.
  • Implemented the ability to swap player avatars.
  • Reworked the Agents app into the Districts app.
  • Added 10 new early-game renovation jobs in Slums.
  • Added over 90 new furniture items.
  • Added 20 Workshop items.
  • Added 30 new Unique furniture items salvageable by Uncle Steve.
  • Added 20 new player avatars.
  • Added 5 new Phone wallpapers.
  • Added a new +$10,000 bidding option in auctions.
  • Added an option to cancel and close the tenant trait swap popup.
  • Added the option to adjust starting landlord points in Creative Mode.
  • Made the tenant entries in the apartment context menu clickable, focusing the camera on them and opening their context menu.
  • Disabled the ability to sell tenant beds in renovation requests to avoid potential issues.
  • Tweaked the asset compression method to improve loading times.
  • Limited free outlets in the aunt apartment tutorial section to 3.
  • Reworked and added new proximity bonuses for many furniture items.
  • Reduced the amount of trash in renovation jobs in favor of more unique items.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with one of the Manhattan buildings.
  • Fixed a visual glitch related to furniture wall-alignment indicators appearing in front of Manhattan windows.
  • Fixed an issue with some couches not lining up as they should.
  • Fixed an issue with not matching color variants for some of the kitchen counters.
  • Fixed an issue with the move tenant feature being redeemed for all tenants after using it only once.
  • Fixed an issue with apartments not updating properly after buying doors.
  • Fixed an issue with room overlay names not corresponding exactly to the requirement list.
  • Fixed an issue with window curtains not snapping to window slots after the player bulldozed their windows.
  • Fixed an issue with the same rating category being displayed in both "focus" and "don't mind" sections for renovation jobs.
  • Fixed an issue with the skunk sabotage not working properly.

The Tenants Workshop update is available on PC.

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