Teamfight Tactics Delays Galaxies Mechanics To Patch 10.7

What to expect with the next patch.
What to expect with the next patch. Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics has released Patch 10.6, which brought a lot of changes to the game. You can read about our coverage here and you'll probably notice one significant detail. After the build-up, it looks like Galaxies is going to be delayed.

This was confirmed in a post by the Teamfight Tactics team who said that there’s going to "be zero Galaxies on patch 10.6" and the team will instead "launch the Galaxies mechanic in patch 10.7." It's not totally zero though, as the team has placed two Galaxies on PBE. The results have so far been good, and has led to higher variance in games and some rather hilarious outcomes.

So why the delay then? Well the reason, according to the team, is that they "want one patch to get a hold on what the normal state of the game is, and give you a chance to dive into the new set first." Hopefully, with the delay the team is going to be able to work out how they show up. During PBE, the figures show that 80% of games were normal, 10% Neekoverse, and 10% Purple Haze. The team also wants to launch with more than two at the start.

That said, players can expect these when Patch 10.7 arrives:

  • Neekoverse
    • Every player starts with two Neeko's helps.
  • Lilac Nebula
    • Previously Purple Haze
    • Initial Carousel is all four cost champions.
  • Trade Sector
    • The first reroll each round is free.
  • Superdense Galaxy
    • Players receive a free Force of Nature on reaching level 5.
  • Not So Little Legends
    • Little Legends have more starting health and are larger.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies serves as a replacement to Teamfight Tactics: Rise of the Elements. It's a new set that introduces new champions, skins, boards, and traits, among others. It even brings with it a new set-wide mechanic.

This new set offers what are known as Galaxies. Think of them as modes. It allows players to play with a different rule set. The Neekoverse Galaxy, for example, has everyone start with two Neeko’s Help items. Overall, Teamfight Tactics hopes to offer as many as 10 Galaxies. As mentioned, five Galaxies are likely going to arrive in Patch 10.7

Hopefully this decision to delay doesn’t lessen the excitement that players have.

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