Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass V.3 Arrives With Patch 9.20

Beta Pass is here.
Beta Pass is here. Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics has released patch 9.20, which brings some balance adjustments to the game. However, a more important feature also arrived with the new patch: the beta pass. Players in all regions can start earning beta pass XP with patch 9.20. This iteration of the beta pass is going to end when patch 9.22 is released, which is five weeks from now.

Beta Pass

Players who level up their beta pass get the chance to unlock the "Storm Rift" arena chroma along with three new icons and two new emotes. The pass also comes with a Set 1 Little Legends Eggs. Overall, players need to have 4000 XP to get all rewards. Don't worry too much since over 5760 XP is available to be earned during the course of the whole pass.

By simply logging in, players immediately receive 70 XP. An addditional 10 XP is received in each of the next five games. This means that excluding the missions you are able to complete, you should be able to get 120 XP by simply logging in and playing five games.


LIke in the previous Beta Pass, players have six missions per week to complete and earn XP:

  • Two missions need players to complete a certain number of games
    • There was feedback relating to these missions so requirements were changed
    • The missions now read:
      • Play 6 games of TFT to Stage 3-6
      • Play 10 games of TFT to Stage 3-6
  • Two mission have challenges that can easliy be completed in a single session
  • Two missions need players to complete something challenging or even stretch their understanding of the game rules and strategy

Overall the missions need around seven games per week to complete.


For the updates themselves, leveling changes were made. Five Traits have been updated:

  • Assassin
    • 3: 75% CritDmg & 10% CritChance -> 75% CritDmg & 5% CritChance
  • Guardian Armor Bonus
    • 35 -> 45
  • Gunslinger
    • 1/2/3 extra shots -> 1/2/4 extra shots
  • Knight
    • 15/35/65 -> 15/35/60
  • Wild
    • 12% AS per stack -> 10% AS per stack

The XP to Level to 5 is now 10 instead of 12 while the XP to Level to 9 is 70 rather than 66. For the items, changes include lowering the duration of Frozen Heart to 1 second as well as the Quicksilver cooldown to 3 seconds.

A full list of the changes with patch 9.20 can be read here.

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