Team GO Rocket is Up to No Good Again in Pokémon GO

Team GO Rocket has something planned. Niantic

Attention trainers! Something's amiss in Pokémon GO and there's no question that Team GO Rocket and Giovanni have something to do with it. The event World of Wonders: Taken Over starts March 27 and runs until March 31.

At the start of the event, trainers can look forward to accessing a new Special Research. Those who manage to progress through it not only get to receive a Super Rocket Radar but also a chance to chase down Giovanni. This Special Research available until June 1.

For the duration of the event, Team GO Rocket is appearing more frequently at PokéStops and in balloons. Meanwhile, Trainers can use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokémon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.

The Shadows

During the event, Team GO Rocket Grunts, along with their leaders Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, are going to use different Shadow Pokémon. That's not all since it appears that Team GO Rocket has managed to turn these Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon:

  • Shadow Pidgey
  • Shadow Darumaka
  • Shadow Gothita
  • Shadow Solosis

Be sure to defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts to save them. Those lucky enough may have a chance that the Pokémon rescued is a Shiny Pokémon.

Other Activities

Here are the other things trainers can look forward to in this event:

  • These Pokémon appear in Shadow Raids.
    • One-Star Raids
      • Shadow Drowzee
      • Shadow Poliwag
      • Shadow Barboach
      • Shadow Foongus
    • Three-Star Raids
      • Shadow Hitmontop
      • Shadow Wobbuffet
      • Shadow Sneasel
  • Gyms not under Team GO Rocket control may still host other raids.
  • Event-themed Field Research tasks are available and those who complete it can receive these rewards:
    • Mysterious Components, Charged TMs, and Fast TMs.
    • Encounters with event-themed Pokémon.
  • These Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild:
    • Murkrow
    • Sableye
    • Purrloin
    • Scraggy
    • Inkay
  • Some Trainers might even encounter these Pokémon:
    • Zorua
    • Vullaby
    • Deino
  • Event-themed Timed Research are available throughout the event and those who complete the research tasks can earn items and encounters with event-themed Pokémon.
  • These Pokémon hatch from 12 km Eggs:
    • Larvitar
    • Sandile
    • Pawniard
    • Vullaby
    • Deino
    • Pancham
    • Salandit
    • Varoom
  • Be on the lookout for Showcases at different PokéStops during the event where trainers can enter event-themed Pokémon.

Bundles Offered

A Team GO Rocket Box is available during this event for 300 PokéCoins. It contains one Incubator, one Rocket Radar, and one Premium Battle Pass. There's also a Team GO Rocket Box, available for $9.99, which features seven Rocket Radars, seven Premium Battle Passes, seven Ultra Balls, and seven Silver Pinap Berries.

See what else is happening during the event here. Pokémon GO is available to download free on mobile platforms through Android and iOS.

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