Take on the Perils of Paradise When it Arrives this July 23 in Hearthstone

Time to relax for a while. Blizzard

It looks like something's amiss in the world of Hearthstone. The question is do you have what it takes to face the Perils of Paradise? This is the next expansion coming to the game. It launches July 23 and brings with it 145 new cards.

The story of this upcoming expansion follows none other than the old scamp Marin. He has put his questing days behind him and now begins a new adventure which is all about resort management. Calling it The Marin, this newest vacation getaway of Azeroth is located in the beautiful Spiral Isles. It has everything adventurers need. From exciting entertainment and al the way to tourist traps. Some of Marin's old pirate buddies may even drop by.

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In this new expansion, each class gets one Legendary Tourist card which allows them to vacation to another class during deckbuilding. By putting the Tourist in the deck, players immediately get the destination class's Perils in Paradise cards added instantly during the deckbuilding interface. You can check out where each class is headed here.

The Marin

The Marin also offers players six different drink spells to choose from, each comes with two refills. There are also different kinds of attractions with players visiting six special locations again and again.


Players can now pre-purchase bundles which include:

  • Perils in Paradise Bundle ($49.99)
    • 60 Perils in Paradise Packs
    • 2 Random Perils in Paradise Legendary Cards
    • Hakkar the Houndmaster Card Back
  • Perils in Paradise Mega Bundle ($79.99)
    • 80 Perils in Paradise Packs
    • 10 Golden Perils in Paradise Packs
    • 1 Random Signature Perils in Paradise Legendary Card
    • 1 Random Golden Perils in Paradise Legendary Card
    • Hakkar the Houndmaster Hunter Hero Skin
    • Hakkar the Houndmaster Card Back

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game released in 2014 and made available for the PC. It was later ported to mobile platforms via Android and iOS later in the same year. The game has players create a deck that's centered on an iconic hero along with minions, spells, and weapons. There's also a Battlegrounds mode where players get to pick from random selections of minions and build their warband as the game progresses.

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