Swords of Legends Online Officially Launches Today

Swords of Legends Online
Swords of Legends Online Steam

New MMO Swords of Legends Online is finally here. The game is only available on PC via Epic Games Store, Gameforge, and Steam.

Beta Version Rewards

Players who participated in the game’s beta program will receive in-game goodies, such as the Masked Panda, Draco Avatar, and Frame.

The goodies received will depend on where you’ve washed your hands, meaning region-specific.

Beta testers can claim their rewards in the gift pack center located in the game. Do not worry as the center’s icon can be found next to the shop just below the minimap.

Those who have played the beta and have not received any goodies can contact the game’s support page.

Release Events

Upon reaching Student Level 1, players can receive a gift every time they log in for the next seven days. The gifts include Mysterious Parchments, a Red Fox ground mount, and a piece of gear with an item level of 60 on the seventh day.

While there is no duration for this, devs stated that the event will either end or be replaced with another in later expansions.

Aside from the 7-day rewards, there will be an in-game quiz event held every Saturday and Sunday. Answering all of the questions correctly will give rewards.

Changes to the Leveling Progression

The game gets tedious when players reach at least Level 34. Because of this, devs have implemented changes to the leveling progression where EXP is increased in some parts of the game.

For instance, some tutorials in the game will now award more EXP than in the beta version. In addition, all Heroic Events in the Baxian Plateau will grant 50% more EXP. Heroic Events, for those who do not know, can only be unlocked once players complete the main quests in the said area.

Lastly, some Biographies that previously didn’t reward any items or EXP points are now fixed. This should help players progress through the game much easier.

PvP Changes

One of the biggest additions to the game’s PvP is the 3v3 Arena training mode. This is where six players can join a match and fight against one another. Players can train at any time and this mode can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+K and selecting Duel Battle.

For those who want to test their mettle in a real PvP match, the regular 3v3 Arena is open to all from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. the following day. Plus, all of the PvP merchants will now sell gear at reduced gold and reputation.

Other Changes

The game’s launch has introduced quite a number of changes. Here are the notable ones found in the patch notes:

  • Some area quests now provide XP for companions. Companion XP from items has also been adjusted.
  • Adjusted the weekly mentor leisure quest so it now requires Return to the Shadow Realm.
  • Removed the Sea Dragon Leaping over Golden Waves firework from the Crimson Coin Shop. This will later be available for Crystal Dust.
  • Login rewards now include Cloud Rider Commands and Writs of the Continents.
  • Feeding items to your pet generates less pet energy.
  • The alliance menu has been improved to make more space for achievements and events.
  • Improved the sales menus so that items which have reached a cap are greyed out.
  • Removed the water basins for washing hands.
  • Increased amount of possible glyph slots from 6 to 7.
  • Various tweaks and improvements to the appearance of glyphs, food tips, buff settings in group windows, mastery tips in the combination tool, workbench tips, books, biographies, group recruitment, tank role confirmation, and many more locations.

Those who want to find out more can head over to the game’s official Steam page.

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