Swords of Legends Online Second Beta Test Ends June 8

Ready for a new round of tests.
Ready for a new round of tests. Wangyuan Shengtang

The second beta test for Swords of Legends Online has already started and is set to end on June 8. Those who have preordered the game can immediately access the test using their account on Steam or Gameforge Client. Those who have a beta code can also access the new beta test.

For those who haven’t joined and want to try the game out, there’s still time. Just visit the game through Gameforge or Steam.

Lessons from Beta 1

The start of the second beta comes just after the first. Some of the changes and improvements made for the new test include:

  • One of the battlefields has been removed from the game.
  • Faction battles are still available.
  • Hard dungeons are now really hard.
  • The way players reach max level has been improved.
  • NPCs have learned a new language with English audio added.
  • Removal of bugs.


After the initial test, there were suggestions made on the missing faction system. As a result, factions have been added to the second beta test.

Players can choose between two factions. The first is Heaven’s Children where members wear light blue and are Daoist cultivation alliance. The faction's HQ is the White Crane Temple in the northern peak of the Valley of Echoing Blades.

The second faction is the Mystics where members are recognized through their dark red clothing. This group is based in the Jiahe Ancestral Temple located in the southern peak of the Valley of Echoing Blades.

Features of the factions include:

  • The Skill "Faction Mode" is now available where players can flag themselves to be “in faction combat” to freely attack other factions members in the world.
    • This is automatically turned on in the Valley of Echoing Blades.
  • ​The toggle can only be used once per day and resets every 6:00 a.m. server time after use.
    • In the player’s faction hall, which is the Valley of Echoing Blades, they can buy Tranquility Pearls that reset the cooldown.
    • This can only be done a maximum of twice per week.
  • ​Killing players from enemy factions no longer gives players negative QI. However, they need to be flagged to be attacked.

Learn more about the Swords of Legends Online second beta test here.

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