Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris: New Arcane Arsenal Quests Added in Latest Update

New quests are here.
New quests are here. Bandai Namco

A new update is now live in Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris, introducing new content to the game. Update version 3.10 adds four new Arcane Arsenal quests, which focuses on new playable characters Premiere, Tia, Kureha, and Zeliska. Those able to finish all four quests will unlock the final one titled “The Ties That Bind.”

New SP Weapons

This new update is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to new quests, the update also adds three new SP weapons which players can exchange at the Memory Exchange. Players can exchange one for an eligible weapon of the same name and enhance it to +99. However, keep in mind these two details:

  • SP Weapons added to the Memory Exchange cannot be strengthened.
  • Exchangeable weapons are unique weapons where enhancement values cannot be transferred to other weapons.

Fixes to Central Nimarivera

Update Ver. 3.10 also fixes major and minor bugs to improve the overall gameplay. Some of the fixes were related to “Central Nimarivera,” including:

  • Boss areas and save points have been placed in the middle layers of the “Central Nimarivera.”
    • To eliminate the repetitive feel of the dungeon and expand the scope of gameplay, the dungeon has been modified so that bosses appear in the 10th, 30th, 50th, 70th, and 90th layers of the dungeon.
    • Save points have been installed as fast travel points to enhance usability.
    • In conjunction with this change, the starting points for events that used to occur in the certain layers have been changed.
  • The contents of the treasure chests in “Central Nimarivera” have been adjusted further depending on the difficulty level.
    • To increase the value of treasure chests in dungeons and to encourage users to enjoy exploring dungeons, the contents of treasure chests have been modified so that they become better as the difficulty level increases.
  • ​The location of the entrance and exit points on the map of “Central Nimarivera” has been corrected.
    • In the lower layers, the entrances and exits of the dungeon map, where it is easy to get lost in some areas, have been changed so that the distances are closer together.
    • Some walls have been removed.
  • Certain appearances of “Central Nimarivera” have been modified.
  • The visibility of the enemies to be defeated in “Central Nimarivera” has been improved.
    • To differentiate the enemies to be defeated, the development team unified the enemies that appear in the dungeon to be the same as those in the main levels.
    • The differences between Mutated Beasts and Named Monsters that appear in the dungeon have been made easier to understand.
  • ​The enemies in “Central Nimarivera” now drop “Incarnation Shards.”
    • Enemies in the dungeon now drop multiple Incarnation Shards.

Learn more about the new update here. Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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