Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris: Blooming of Matricaria DLC Now Available

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New content are here. Bandai Namco

The newest DLC for Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is now live. Blooming of Matricaria offers a new multi-chapter experience, with a story that follows the events of the “Ancient Apostles” storylines and the Blooming of Forget-Me-Not DLC. In this one, Kirito and his friends need to prepare to go against the Four Lords and stop them from using the Divine Object of Mass Destruction.

In addition to a new story, players also get to meet a playable character named Rogu. This boy has an eyepatch on his right eye and fights using a shield and a one-handed ax. This enables access to the “Shield and Axe” weapon type which is good not only in preventing attacks but also in overpowering enemies. This new weapon type though can only be equipped by Rogu and Kirito.

The Blooming of Matricaria DLC also comes with new maps, new dungeons, and even new divine beasts.

New Update

The new DLC also comes with a new update which:

  • Increases the level cap of the playable characters from 120 to 199.
  • Increases the level cap of the System Authority Control level from 120 to 199.
  • Increases the level of weapons from 50 to 99.
  • Increases the level cap of enemies from 780 to 999.

Update Ver. 3.01 also adds five new Series Equipment. These Series of equipment activate a passive skill that greatly increases the status of the player when equipping three different types of equipment of the same series.

Other changes from the new update include:

  • Battle
    • Raid Quest Reborn series: Changed the max level from 500 to 999.
    • Special rewards are awarded for the first defeat of a level 999 boss.
    • Partial adjustment of quest rewards for the "Reborn" series up to level 500.
  • System
    • Added the ability to preferentially update Play Avatars.
    • The ability to "reserve update" for Play Avatars that have already been added to the player’s friends list and are locked.
    • The number of items required to strengthen equipment +6 to +50 has been adjusted.
    • CUBE Vol. 1 to Vol. 3 has been released.

Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A version for the Nintendo Switch is set to be released on September 30.

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