Surviving Mars Below & Beyond: Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

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Surviving Mars recently received an update that fixed bugs and made some improvements. The lander rocket now loads items in increments of one, which makes it very easy for players to resupply according to the amount required.

The developers have also fixed an issue where the elevator cargo could get lost. This would only happen if both sides of the elevator requested the same resource. This issue will no longer persist in the latest update, which should make ordering resources less annoying. Additionally, the cheat panel has received some improvements. To access the cheat panel, players must be in Creative Mode.

Surviving Mars Update Highlights (1007874)

Gameplay Improvements
  • Moved the cave-in clearing tech earlier in the tech tree, now appearing between position 5 and 8, instead of as the 13th tech.
  • Change the order in the cargo screens, grouping buildings of the same type together.
  • Rebalance rewards for recurring Recon Center discovery events.
Bug fixes
  • Lander rocket now only starts loading drones, rovers, crew, and prefabs if everything is available.
  • The “died in orbit” trigger will activate only if the crew actually dies.
  • Removed colonists that died in orbit.
  • Cave-ins can be reached more easily by drones to clear.
  • Fixed issue where elevator cargo could not be updated after the initial request.
  • Fixed vehicles cannot be transferred through the elevator using right-click.
  • Ancient Artifact spawns the correct amount of drones.
  • Auto explore of the RC Explorer no longer reveals hidden anomalies.
  • Added missing icons for pinned surface passage and underground passage.
  • Correctly updated pin dialog when transporting RCRover.
  • Fixed issue where cables and pipes were created on the wrong map.
  • Work shifts now properly update while on another map.
  • Prevented refabbing landing and trade pads while they're in use.
  • DLC buildings will be accessible on a new game after loading an old save.
  • Fixed missing Passenger Rocket UI in the resupply menu on old retail save.
Platform-specific Fixes
  • Fixed startup crash on certain Windows 7 installs.
  • Removed the assert window on Linux.
  • Disconnecting controller issue.
Known Issues
  • Dome births cannot be controlled.
  • The game crashes when a lander rocket is departing with drones in cargo while the asteroid moves out of range.
  • Youths, adults, and seniors occupy child-only buildings.
  • Same anomaly events are found multiple times on the surface, breaking the game balance.
  • There is no warning about an unloaded cargo when launching a rocket back to Earth.
  • Crash related to Inner Light Mystery on old retail saves.

You can read more about the update here.

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