Surviving the Aftermath: Specialists Can No Longer Attack Quickly by Stutter-Stepping in Rebirth DLC

Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth DLC
Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth DLC Steam

Iceflake Studios released Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth DLC not long ago. This update not only brought new threats but also implemented significant changes, including one that prevents specialists from attacking too quickly via stutter-stepping.

Blighted Creatures are a menace in Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth. The company wants to ensure that players utilize new buildings to deal with these threats. Previously, players relied heavily on specialists and guards as they could attack enemies very quickly by stutter-stepping. So, adjustments were made to their shooting and reload times so that they could no longer attack repeatedly.

In terms of improvements, the Society Trade UI now shows every resource the society has to offer instead of just displaying six resources at a time. The color red when placing buildings has been made brighter so players can easily tell if they can put the structure down in a particular area or not.

Patch Notes

  • Changed the way pollution spreads from pollution deposits and buildings. The pollution area remains mostly unchanged, but the intensity is now spread more evenly.
  • Consoles only: Fixed an issue that caused Wind Turbine, Martian Wind Turbine, Lightning Rod and Lightning Tower to be unrepairable if Ultimate Colony DLC was enabled. This issue was already fixed on PC versions some time ago.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the meteor storm catastrophe to only drop one meteor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if the camera moved over a combat location when trying to confirm combat victory in the world map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused combat disasters (for example rat beetle or boar attacks) to stop working after the endgame quest started.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a colonist to get stuck if its workplace was close to the colony border and the colonist had no home.
  • Fixed an issue that caused deposit guardian animals to not return to the deposit properly after disengaging from combat.
  • Fixed a repair related issue caused by selecting a destroyed building right after a save was loaded.
  • Adjusted the colors in soil fertility overlay and in the circle around Water Well to be more color blind friendly.
  • Added a combat animation for the Scout Tower and Guard Post.
  • Added an exit vehicle icon to the vehicle panel.
  • Vehicles now show the correct amount of passenger slots available.
  • Made the overlay info panel darker and more readable.
  • Updated higher resolution icons to multiple places in the game, for example building info, top bar etc.
  • Updated two child portraits to higher resolution versions.
  • Decreased the light intensity of heatwave catastrophe in the world map.
  • Removed the by-product UI element from animals in the ranch that do not produce a by-product.
  • Increased the visibility of the wheat crops in fields.
  • Minor polish to the following UI elements:
    • Deposit info panel.
    • Specialist ready indicator in the specialist bar.
    • Specialist action done indicator in the world map.
    • Buttons in the building info panel.
    • Loading bar.
    • Energy and water consumption/production icons.
    • Repair/demolition/overtime mode tooltips.

Surviving the Aftermath: Rebirth is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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