Surviving the Aftermath: First Update for Shattered Hope DLC Features Big Changes to Hope System

Shattered Hope DLC
Shattered Hope DLC Steam

The first patch for Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope was deployed recently. This update brought a lot of significant changes, particularly to the Hope mechanic and the Shattered Moon quest. Read further to learn more.

Happy and Hope Together

The developers made some substantial changes to the Hope and Happiness system introduced in the Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope DLC.

Hope is a new global value that decays slowly. Once it reaches the critical level, it will trigger a condition known as Anguish, turning survivors inside the colony hostile. This is the reason why players must always keep an eye on the Hope bar before it gets depleted.

That said, the latest update has changed the daily decrease of Hope in that it now scales with game difficulty. Those who play Surviving the Aftermath at easier difficulties will still experience the same baseline decrease when Shattered Hope launched. However, the reduction in Hope is much steeper now when the game is set to a higher difficulty.

In addition, Hope is now directly tied to colony happiness. As a result, a sad colony will see a quicker drop in Hope, while a joyful community will experience an increase in Hope per day.

Hope Effect
Hope Effect Paradox Interactive

Shattered Moon Changes

This update has also made a notable change in the new quest, the Shattered Moon. Now, the quest triggers a few days earlier, from Day 32 down to Day 29. Take note that the Shattered moon quest will not initiate if the player already has another regular quest active.

The Shattered Moon Quest
The Shattered Moon Quest Paradox Interactive

Patch Notes

  • Hope bar now functions more accurately.
    • Previously, there was some scaling which made the hope drops seem more drastic than they actually were when the hope bar was close to full.
    • Adjusted the thresholds for when anguish is given to colonists accordingly.
  • Added hope reward when accepting survivor groups.
  • Fixed an issue that caused gate combat to not give hope when defeating bandits directly at the gate.
  • Reduced hope impact of all catastrophes and disasters.
    • Reduced catastrophe hope impact by around 30%.
    • Reduced pollution cloud and space junk disasters’ hope impact by around 30%.
    • Reduced moonfall, rat swarm, and overcharge disasters’ hope impact by 50%.
  • Adjusted the hope impact of most events.
    • Reduced the impact of negative event results by 30%.
    • Positive event results mostly unchanged.
  • Increased patient slot count in Trauma Center from 1 to 2.
  • Slightly decreased the baseline food and plastic cost of the small feast.
  • Added and adjusted hope rewards slightly in multiple quests.
  • Slightly increased the negative hope impact when abandoning a quest.
  • The initial Shattered Moon event now gives 20 Lunar Dust.

Surviving the Aftermath: Shattered Hope latest update is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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