Surviving the Aftermath Leaves Early Access November 16

Do you have what it takes to survive?
Do you have what it takes to survive? Paradox Interactive

Surviving the Aftermath is set to leave Early Access and launch on November 16. It’s going to be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is priced at $29.99.

When the game leaves Early Access, it signals the launch of the Endgame update, which includes a rich questline along with late-game colony features. Players also get to learn more about the apocalypse and prepare their colony for a way to survive another doomsday event.

In Surviving the Aftermath, players build a colony and restore civilization amidst a devastated world. It won’t be enough to just fortify the gates since players also need to take up arms and fight against many of the dangers like bandits, natural disasters, and diseases. Players can send Specialists outside the gates to gather the needed resources or meet rival colonies. Don’t forget to give Specialists armor and weapons to help defend the colony.

Key features of the game include:

  • Build and Manage a Colony
    • The world-ending event has passed and it’s up to you to build a colony and manage the survivors.
    • Construct at least 130 buildings to survive a harsh world filled with danger.
    • Be prepared since a natural disaster or environmental catastrophe can destroy a settlement, especially one that’s ill-equipped.
  • Recruit and Manage Specialists
    • The game offers more than 80 unique specialists to recruit.
    • Each comes with its own skills and motivations
    • Have your specialists wear the proper gear to defend the colony from bandits or rampaging wildlife.
  • Explore a Procedurally Generated World
    • Send your specialists outside your colony and into a procedurally-generated world.
    • Meet rival colony leaders and trade resources or compete for survival.
    • Specialists can set up outposts and gather materials.
  • Make Tough Choices
    • To survive the post-apocalyptic world, there are times when impossible decisions need to be made.
    • The fate of the colony depends on your judgment and each choice can have an impact on the happiness of the colony.
  • Discover the Truth
    • Specialists are sure to discover mysteries while they’re out exploring the world.

In a statement, Surviving the Aftermath Game Director Lasse Liljedahl shared that the game already experienced 20 major content updates since it entered Early Access two years ago. Liljedahl added that what made the game great was the involvement of the community in its development.

So what do you think? Can you Survive the Aftermath?

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