Survive the Nights: Various Horde and Quality-of-Life Improvements Courtesy of Alpha 1.17

Alpha 1.17
Alpha 1.17 Twitter/@STNgame

The unique FPS survival game Survive the Nights has a new update that implements various horde and quality-of-life improvements.

Alpha 1.17 has made some changes to zombies. For instance, zombies now do a bit more damage to fortifications at later horde levels. Do not worry though as their HP has been reduced slightly to account for this change.

For QoL improvements, item hovers are now more responsive, meaning that they provide information instantly when being looked at. In addition, flashlights no longer turn off when switching weapons. This is actually pretty useful considering that a lot of people die when the flashlight turns off when changing armaments.

Patch Notes

  • Made interactions with small items a lot easier
  • Improved issue where the player has to hold the mouse over items for a while when pressing/holding interact
  • Slight increase to interaction distance
  • Tweaked colliders on fortifications to allow for easier placing on windows
  • Fixed FRKS weapon clipping into the camera
  • Reduced logoff timer from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Placement mode is now continuous for all items
  • It’s now possible to consume items from your inventory while in a container
  • Fixed hordes not being beatable at later levels caused by delay being too long between zombie spawning
  • Added /hordedifficulty commands for admins
  • Tweaks to door collider to improve shooting through a gap in door
  • Lowered damage applied to guns when shooting fortifications
  • Tweaked collider on barbed wire trap for easier placing
  • Placement mode is now continuous for all items
  • Chainsaw no longer spawning at melee container
  • Reduced loot amounts slightly in houses
  • It’s now possible to have both flashlight and headlamp on at the same time.
  • It’s now possible to consume items from your inventory while in a container
  • Damage to players from zombies is now halved when the player is in a vehicle
  • Players no longer get damaged in vehicles until all windows are smashed
  • Tweaked when mental health effects show and tweaked delay

The developers also made a huge under-the-hood change in Alpha 1.17. More specifically, Survive the Nights now uses the latest stable 2021 version of the Unity Engine. You may experience some performance improvements when playing the game.

Survive the Nights Alpha 1.17 is available on PC.

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