Survive the Nights: Alpha 1.14.3 Implements Fortification Tweaks and Horde Improvements

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Survive the Nights (STN) is a horror-survival, first-person shooter where you fight hordes of zombies. You can use various fortifications to keep them at bay. Day and night cycles are also used so that you’ll know when the best time to bolster your defenses. Anyway, the game recently got an update that implemented various fortification tweaks and horde improvements.

Major Changes

The developers have implemented some huge changes. Zombies are stronger, smarter, and greater in number. These are made to prevent the situation where people can just take advantage of pinch points, such as narrow halls and staircases, to avoid zombies entirely.

Additionally, fortifications are now three times stronger, so they can hold back zombies more effectively. Certain free-placed fortifications, like tin walls and plywood, now have a shooting slot situated above the center support. This is to allow you to peer through and shoot at the zombies safely without damaging your own bulwark.

All of these improvements are meant to preserve STN’s core essence. The devs said that the game is envisioned where you fight off hordes of zombies and survive. Being able to skip them just defeats the purpose of Surviving the Nights.

Alpha 1.14.3 Highlights

  • Tree Felling
  • Garage Door Issues
  • Improvements to fortification balance
  • Support tickets not appearing to work (stuck at 84%)
  • Reduced zombie amounts by 10%
  • Hordes can no longer be fled
  • Horde zombies now increase in strength as hordes become more difficult
  • Fix for one of the zombie female variants having a really short render distance caused by broken mesh
  • Fix for getting 0 meat when harvesting some animals without a tool
  • Fix for health of animals being too high
  • Tools no longer become less effective as they wear out
  • All tree chopping points are now highlighted as you walk near the tree
  • Choppable area now bigger to make tree felling easier
  • Removed small delay in axe hitting animation
  • Widespread adjustments to shadow casters of small design props
  • Improvements to some performance spikes related to terrain loading
  • Reduced the amount loaded electrical items at any given time
  • Improved performance issue related to zombie physics
  • Changed continuous placement so that it only happens for drops where that would be the desired behavior
  • Placement mode no longer breaks when moving far away from the initial place
  • Added Quick play feature that joins the most relevant server. Can also be used to rejoin previous sessions
  • Campfire grills now open the inventory when pressing E on them
  • Added broken glass to exterior doors
  • Increased amount of ammo spawns

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

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