Super Smash Bros. Brings Byleth To The Battle, Adds Garreg Mach Monastery Stage

Fire Emblem fighter arrives.
Fire Emblem fighter arrives. Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. released update 7.0, which officially welcomes Byleth to the fight. This update also includes a new map. In addition, update 7.0 also features the usual hero changes one would expect from a major patch.

Byleth Eisner is from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and is the 75th hero to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Byleth is a sword-wielder, although this fighter's arsenal includes axes, a bow, and even a lance. This allows Byleth to have a basic, yet varied moveset. Those who have played Fire Emblem should be familiar with what Byleth has to offer for Super Smash Bros. players. The new map, Garreg Mach Monastery, is from Fire Emblem as well.

Talking about changes, a number of fighters have had their shield size increased. These include:

  • Donkey Kong
  • Link
  • Samus
  • Kirby
  • Pikachu
  • Ice Climbers
  • PIchu
  • Falco

One change that players should look forward to is for Joker. For his Neutral Special, the range when shooting downward in the air has been reduced. Now Joker has a Fighter ability known as Rebellion Gauge, which fills up over time. Once the Gauge is full, Joker automatically summons Arsene, which offers several changes. For example, Joker's special moves change to "Gun Special", "Eigaon", "Wings of Rebellion", and "Tetrakarn/Makarakarn", which are all enhanced versions of his previous moves.

With the update, when Joker is receiving damage from two or fewer enemies, the amount of time needed to summon Arsene is reduced.

While Samus did have her shield size increased, the launch distance for her attacks have also been extended. That's not all, as the power of her midair grab and the amount of time hit detection lasts for midair grabs have both been increased. Dark Samus also received the same buffs. However, the update also has Dark Samus's Dash Attack increase the power of the beginning of the attack.

Ryu received a slight nerf as the power of his Down Smash Attack has been reduced against shields. However, the update now makes it possible to cancel the attack animation on hit and change into a special move. Meanwhile, Ryu's Neutral Special now makes it easier for Shakunetsu Hadoken to hit multiple times.

You can view all the changes with the fighters here.

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