Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Banjo And Kazooie Join The Fight

New fighter is here.
New fighter is here. Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate officially welcomes Banjo and Kazooie to its roster of fighters. The duo joining the game is not that much of a surprise. What was a surprise during the Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 4 was that Banjo and Kazooie were being launched on the same day.

Banjo and Kazooie arrive to Super Smash Bros through patch Ver. 5.0. The combined duo are the third fighter to be part of the Fighter Pass after Joker of Persona 5 and Hero of Dragon Quest XI. With Banjo’s bare hands players can bruise rivals up close and through Kazooie’s egg-cellent shooting skills, your enemies are sure to be singing the blues in no time. For their Final Smash, these partners call upon a flock of Jinjos as well as the Mighty Jinjonator to deal the final blow.

As if to sweeten the announcement of the launch of Banjo and Kazooie, Nintendo released a gameplay video later in the Nintendo Direct. The gameplay video was done by none other than Masahiro Sakurai. Prior to showing how to play Banjo and Kazooie, the Super Smash Bros. creator gave thanks to Microsoft for allowing the duo to join the game. The original Banjo-Kazooie games were released through Nintendo, but were developed by the studio Rare, who is now owned by Microsoft.

In a surprising and fun move, Sakurai told viewers to give the game a try on Xbox, which resulted in people off-camera giggling. According to a report by Kotaku, this comment has resulted in the word "Xbox" trending in Japan and even reaching the number one spot. Talk about free publicity.

Other Updates

Banjo and Kazooie aren't the only new additions to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as the new patch also introduces a new stage with Spiral Mountain. In terms of cosmetics, additional Mii Fighter costumes were added as well.

Give this new stage a try.
Give this new stage a try. Nintendo

There is even a new mode called Home-Run Contest. The mode allows players to test how far they can send a sandbag flying. In this minigame, you have ten seconds to do as much damage to the sandbag and then hit it with a side smash to send it flying. Two players can work together and up to four players can compete to see who can send the sandbag the farthest. Players get in-game rewards based on their performance. Nintendo also revealed that it may hold Themed Event Tourneys periodically.

Batter up!
Batter up! Nintendo
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