Super Saiyan Showdown 2 Set For April 23

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Super Saiyan Showdown II
Super Saiyan Showdown II Funimation

Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice as Funimation offers another interesting battle with Super Saiyan Showdown II: The Legendary Rematch. This will be a fight between Goku voice actor Sean Schemmel going against Vegeta voice actor Christopher Sabat in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

As the event name implies, this is the second time the two will meet in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The first showdown was held last year.

What initially began as a playful Twitter feud went on to become an exhibition game between the two voice actors of the anime's two prominent characters. Aside from glory, the winner gets to take home a championship belt that was specifically made for this showdown. Sabat won the match 3-0, and walked away with the belt after the first clash.

This year, Schemmel hopes to redeem himself and grab the belt away from Sabat. The showdown is scheduled tomorrow, April 23, at the Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center in Arlington, Texas. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. EDT and show starts at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released in January of last year through the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It was later released to the Nintendo Switch in September.

In the game, players form a team of three Dragon Ball Z characters, choosing from a roster of 24 characters. Players can switch between characters and even perform an "Assist" move with two team members. A game ends when the three characters are defeated.

Much like the anime series, the characters in the game can perform what are called universal moves. One such move is known as the "Vanish Attack." This is where the character teleports instantly to the back of the opponent and attacks them. There is also the "Dragon Rush" and the "Super Dash." Each character also has moves that are unique to them.

The base roster offered players a total of 21 characters to choose from with three extra unlockable characters. Eight characters were released with the Season 1 DLC, and another six through the Season 2 DLC.

Upon release, the game received good reviews with many saying that it had the potential to be a new competitive fighting game. Dragon Ball FighterZ has been nominated and won awards including Best Fighting Game at the Game Awards and Game Critics Awards.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Setting The Bar For Fighting Games In 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ lives up to the hype that manifested from its initial reveal. Its gorgeous art style and movements compliment some really crisp and fluid gameplay that anyone can pick up and enjoy.
  • Original Voice Cast
  • Gorgeous Visuals
  • Fluid, accessible fighting
  • Story Mode feels ripped from anime
  • Story mode too easy early on
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