'Super Mario Run' Crashing? Gameplay Not Working On Older iPhones With Jailbreak

super mario run ios
Super Mario Run, coming December 2016 on iOS and iPad. (c) Nintendo

Many iOS users may be feeling mighty smug that Super Mario Run is currently an Apple exclusive, but some users may experience issues playing the mobile game if their iPhone or iPad is jailbroken.

Several reports indicate Super Mario Run may immediately crash on iOS devices with jailbreak software installed. At this time the Super Mario Run APK is not available, meaning users cannot sideload the software to avoid security safeguards such as jailbreak detection on iOS.

There are currently two patches available to allow iOS users to bypass jailbreak detection on their devices or to remedy frequent crashing.

The first, detailed by Cydia Geeks requires users launch the Cydia jailbreak manager and reload sources. The users must add and install the xCon repository then respring the device.

The second, detailed by iDownloadBlog requires users launch Cydia and search for the tsprotector software. Select tsProtector 8+ (iOS 9 & 8), tap the blue install button and follow instructions to completion.

To apply the patch, users should access setting from home screen and open tsProtector preferences. Open the Blacklist Apps option and toggle.

Users should keep in mind that jailbreaks can potentially cause harm to phones and can lead to restrictions or bans from various software. Install these customizations at your own risk.

It remains unknown how the constant internet connection required for Super Mario Run gameplay will react to jailbreaks.

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