Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Blanka Release Date, Trailer Revealed

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Blanka is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in February
Blanka is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in February CAPCOM

A brand new gameplay trailer from Capcom reveals the release date for Blanka in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Blanka is the second DLC character in Street Fighter V’s season 3 of paid updates, following Sakura in January. The Street Fighter legend brings his unique brand of electrifying, primal rage on Feb. 20. Check out the first gameplay trailer for Blanka in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition below.

Blanka’s gameplay remains consistent with previous Street Fighter titles, keeping his scratching, leaping and pummeling abilities. He also retains his various electric and rolling attacks, which are used to punish airborne opponents and close gaps with his opponents. New to Blanka’s arsenal is a command grab called Wild Hunt, which allows the fighter to leap forward and viciously scratch the opponent before throwing them.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gives Blanka two V-Triggers. His first V-Trigger is called Jungle Dynamo, which gives Blanka’s roll attacks more damage and can be followed up with certain attacks. This ability also powers up Blanka’s Electric Thunder and allows him to step forward when using it. Jungle Dynamo also unlocks Ground Shave Rolling (HP+HK), which can be used as a combo extender, or as a way to charge your opponent as part of Blanka’s aggressive playstyle.

Blanka’s second V-Trigger is called Lightning Beast and unlocks Rolling Cannon (Direction + HP+HK), which can be used after Rolling Attack, Back Step Rolling and Vertical Rolling. Use this special ability to extend combos or change positions in mid-air to keep your opponent on their toes.

Street Fighter V players will be able to download Blanka starting Feb. 20 as part the Season 3 Character pass for $29.99. Sakura, Falke, Cody, G and Sagat are also included in the character pass.

Players who purchase Blanka using the character pass or real money and will get various cosmetics including his Battle Costume, Story Costume and Nostalgia Costume.

So what do you think of Blanka in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? Let us know your thoughts on the returning fighter in the comments section below.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Finally, A Complete Experience
SFV: Arcade Edition is the most complete version of Street Fighter V that brings in great single-player and local multiplayer additions.
  • Arcade mode is great
  • Team battle adds a fun local multiplayer element
  • Great value for anyone who didn’t buy the game originally
  • Arcade endings could be better
  • Why wasn't these additions included from the start?
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