Stray Souls to Feature Music by Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka

A game is made even better with good music. Jukai Studio

Jukai Studio and Versus Evil announced that Stray Souls will feature music by legendary composer Akira Yamaoka. Akira Yamaoka is best known for his work on scoring the first several Silent Hill games. However, his work also appeared in other titles, including The Medium, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Shadows of the Damned.

In a statement, Jukai Studio Owner and Director Artur Łączkowski shared that they've been fans of the Silent Hill games, and it's a dream come true to be able to get series composer Akira Yamaoka for their game. He added that the work of Yamaoka has been integral in setting the mood and tone of Silent Hill, and as such, they're excited to have Yamaoka enhance their vision.

If you're excited about Akira Yamaoka being part of the game, you can experience his original track Splintered Minds in the trailer below:

A Mysterious House

Stray Souls is set in the haunted town of Aspen Falls where everyone is not who they seem. Players take on the role of Daniel. His life is changed forever when he inherits the home of his estranged grandmother. There, he also meets a mysterious woman who appears to have an intimate knowledge of his family, the house, and even his past.

A New Experience

The game has elements of Japanese survival horror games, mixed with new tricks like randomized systems, where enemy encounters, item placement, weather patterns, and paranormal activity are always changing. This means no two playthroughs are the same.

Game Features

Features of the game include:

  • Explore the town of Aspen Falls and surrounding areas to uncover a malevolent plot set in motion at Daniel's birth.
  • Immerse yourself in Daniel's story.
  • Choose responses at key moments through branching dialogue options, shaping Daniel's tone and personality.
  • Fight hordes of nasty creatures or run for your life.
  • Experience simplified combat without massive loadouts, puts the focus on strategizing combat tactics and resource management.
  • Solve dozens of clever puzzles with out of the box solutions to test your wit.
  • Randomized systems ensure that enemy encounters, item locations, changing weather patterns, and strange phenomena all occur at various places, making each playthrough unique.

Stray Souls is launching this fall on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series.

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