Stranded Deep Update 2107 Live on Consoles; Antidote Recipe Now Matches PC Version

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Stranded Deep, a survival game by Beam Team Games, received an important patch a couple of hours ago for Xbox and PlayStation. Update 2107 is mostly focused on bug fixes and general improvements, however, it does bring a handful of adjustments as well.

The crafting recipe of the Antidote and the projectile behavior of Flare Gun now matches their respective PC versions. The inventory capacity of meat, fish, and fruit is doubled, and all crafting placements are improved.

Changes and Adjustments
  • Changed Antidote crafting recipe to match the PC version.
  • Changed Boat Motor to function as a rudder when out of fuel.
  • Changed Flare Gun projectile behavior to match PC version.
  • Changed Lantern brightness to match the PC version.
  • Changed inventory to auto-equip a lesser match if possible, e.g.: If throwing Refined Spears the inventory will auto-equip a Crude or Fishing spear when out of Refined Spears.
  • Changed world barrier from yellow buoy balls to holographic barrier to match PC version.
  • Increased Meat inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased Fish inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased Fruit inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Improved all crafting placement.
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed crafting combos in the Story section of the crafting menu remaining locked for players after defeating the bosses.
  • Fixed player being unable to craft the Boss trophies after defeating them.
  • Fixed players not being able to place Hooks or Shelves when attempting to craft them.
  • Fixed bonus crates only showing 5 out of 8 available slots.
  • Fixed not able to place small structures on/inside constructions.
  • Fixed Crab, Hog and Snake animals not respawning on custom islands. Use the new Crab Spawner, Hog Spawner, and Snake Spawner items in the map editor to place animals that will respawn.
  • Fixed female character sometimes playing male audio.
  • Fixed scenarios where the player could load back with broken bones when saving in/on constructions.
  • Fixed scenario where player could save on raft after drifting beyond the world barrier, causing errors when reloading the saved game. Please note, this will not fix games that have already been saved out-of-bounds.
  • Fixed Sunscreen duplicating on game reload.
  • Fixed Spears and Arrows remaining stuck in trees after hitting fruit.

You can read the complete patch notes of Stranded Deep Update 2107 via the official site.

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