Mortal Online 2 Patch Adds New School Magic and Alchemy Effects, Patch Notes Here

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Thanks to yesterday’s patch, fans of Mortal Online 2 have a lot of cool new stuff to look forward to. Elementalism, the newly introduced school of magic, can be described as projectiles mixed with spellcasting. Players can receive help from several elementalists that they will meet in Myrland.

Ten unit vials are added to the Vial Vendor, and new Alchemy effects are introduced for players to discover. The game’s audio when minimized or is out of focus can now be tweaked, thanks to the newly added Background Volume option in the audio settings. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

  • Added a new school of magic, Elementalism.
  • Added new Alchemy effects to discover and experiment with.
  • You can now get knocked down while mounted. You will be stunned for three seconds when knocked off the mount. The mount will flee and ignore commands for the stun duration and then stop.
  • Added a 10 unit vial to the Vial Vendor.
  • Added a new Background Volume option to Audio settings. This allows you to set the volume for the application when it is minimized or out of focus.
  • Added crash recovery for scenarios that cannot be handled by Unreal Engine’s crash reporter. The player will be sent back to the main menu with an error message that is automatically sent to the developers instead of the game silently crashing to the desktop.
  • Added a new checkbox in settings for Use Character Async Loading that is enabled by default. Enabling this will greatly reduce loading stalls on the CPU as you move around. This will not help with world streaming stutter.
Quality of Life
  • Fall damage removed from sliding. Only free fall should cause fall damage. A free fall will still happen when sliding down a slope that suddenly becomes too steep.
  • Removed some edge case scenarios that would cause large fall velocity values to happen when running out from ledges. This would cause some stairs to give large fall damage values.
  • You can now finish a Split stack operation by pressing enter.
  • Players can now stop and dismount while moving equal to or slower than the first speed (walking).
  • Players can now stop and dismount at any speed while swimming.
  • Players will now see a message that they can't dismount while falling.
  • Updated the character deletion message to be more clear on what is lost when deleting your character.
  • Client ping detection will now start once the loading screen closes and the player is ready to play instead of when the player logs in.
  • Adjusted ping kick to be less sensitive while we gather ping statistics from player connections.

The complete patch notes of Mortal Online 2 Patch are mentioned on Steam.

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