Stranded: Alien Dawn Releases First Major Content Update

Be ready for new challenges.
Be ready for new challenges. Frontier Foundry

The first major content update for Stranded: Alien Dawn is coming out this December 1. The Dunes and Moons Update is set to introduce a desert biome, a new survivor, and three powerful moons.

Once the new update goes live, players can explore the Desertum biome, a new alien environment with unique challenges. The biome's rocky and orange-hued landscape has low soil quality and is home to scarce plant life. This means that players need to come up with a strategic approach to make sure that marooned survivors can thrive.

The Desertum not only has its very own native flora and fauna but also unpredictable weather events like dust storms. Players must use the resources within this biome if they want to make it through both dry and wet seasons. In addition, they'll need to evolve their surroundings from being a crash site to a bustling base.

New Survivor

Aside from a new biome, players are also going to be introduced to a new survivor named Sora. Because of her difficult desert past, she has been hardened against cold snaps and heat waves. Her combat skills are also vital when defending against the deadly alien wildlife like the reptilian Tecatli.

New Moons

This upcoming update includes three new moons with each having a unique impact on the gameplay. These are:

  • Jason
    • Provides survivors with plenty of adversity.
    • Offers ample time for them to prepare and recover from events.
  • Nyx
    • Influences wildlife to attack more frequently during the hours of darkness.
  • Chaos
    • Lives up to its namesake with unpredictable events all-but-guaranteed.

New Difficulty Levels

Finally, there are the two new difficulty levels designed to challenge those who consider themselves as the most adept of survival strategists. In Very Hard and Insane difficulties, practiced players now have the chance to test themselves and prove their skills. If they succeed, they can unlock five new achievements.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival sim where the fate of a small group hinges on the player’s every choice. Important decisions need to be made to protect survivors from starvation, disease, and extreme weather, to name a few. Players have to defend themselves against a hostile alien wildlife by creating a stronghold.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is available on PC through Steam Early Access, offered at $29.99.

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