Stellaris Next Expansion Brings the Overlord

Prepare to rule!
Prepare to rule! Paradox Interactive

A new expansion is coming soon to Stellaris, and it’s one focused on the more intricate management of the empire. The new features to be introduced in Overlord are all about bringing order and glory to the galaxy or bringing it down to its knees. This upcoming expansion arrives on PC along with the 3.4 Cepheus update.

In Overlord, ambitious leaders unlock a new level of empire management as well as realize their grand designs for the universe. There are specialized vassal roles that allow players to either keep the planets within their realms in line and under control or elevate them to new heights of glory.

There will be new enclaves that provide unique opportunities and challenges. New megastructures allow players to project power further and faster. Other new features include new music and new Origins, among others.

In a statement, Stellaris Game Director Stephen Muray revealed that the stories the players have shared over the years have always amazed them. Over six years, there have been empires that experienced rise and fall. Muray went on to say that with this new expansion, they wanted to give players more options and opportunities to realize their very own “space operas.”

Libra Patch

Early this week, Patch 3.3.3 Libra was released which introduced balancing changes:

  • Planetary Ascension Tier costs have been adjusted. The effect the number of Ascensions has on the cost has been dramatically reduced, but the effect Empire Size has on the costs has been increased.
  • ​Colonists now only produce 3 amenities to be more in line with other amenity-producing jobs. Reassembled Ship Shelter produces 7 to make up for it.
  • ​Embracing a Faction now costs Unity rather than Influence.
  • Promoting and Suppressing Factions intentionally remain free, other than causing the factions distress.
  • Edicts no longer increase empire size from systems or pops.
  • Sacrificial edicts now increase the unity output of death priests by +3 Unity while the edict is in effect.
  • Galactic Memorial now provides 3 Unity per Ascension Perk instead of 2.

Check out all the changes that arrived with the Libra patch here.

Stellaris is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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