Two New Battlegroups Arrive in Steel Division 2 with Nemesis: Storming Toulon

Time to meet two new battlegroups.
Time to meet two new battlegroups. Eugen Systems

The fourth Nemesis DLC for Steel Division 2 is now live. Titled Nemesis: Storming Toulon , it introduces two new playable battlegroups in skirmish or online multiplayer. This is available at Steam for $4.99.

Arriving in the game alongside the new DLC is Reinforcement Pack #11. It brings the Army General Coop Mode which lets players team up with two friends to fight against AI. The new pack also comes with the new 5-battalion deployment mechanic.


This latest DLC is inspired mainly by the opening stages of Operation Dragoon. History buffs should be familiar with this as the Allied invasion on the Mediterranean French coast during the summer of 1944. The first wave of the assault was composed mainly of American troops tasked with racing north toward the Rhône Valley. Subsequent waves had veteran French divisions given orders to secure major port cities.

The battlegroups introduced in Nemesis: Storming Toulon are based on the event mentioned. The first is the Verteidigungsbereich Toulon, which means Defensive Perimeter Toulon. This was actually an impromptu formation composed of different units. In the game, it offers a new type of defensive structure known as the Tobruk bunker. This is pretty much a tank turret pair to a concrete casemate. While not that powerful, it’s resilient.

The second battlegroup is the Free French fighting force: 1e Division Française Libre (DFL).

Read more about the Nemesis: Storming Toulon here.

Army General Coop Mode

In the Army General Coop Mode, players can perform actions like moving formations, initiating battles, or even ending turns. However, the ability to call reinforcements is limited to the host.

Read more about the new mode here

New Update

It goes without saying that a new update is now available for the game. Changes include:

  • Updated recon infantry prices.
  • Updated Infantry leaders’ price and availability.
  • Introducing a minimum range for LMGs (but not automatic rifles).
  • The Hungarian helmets have been fixed.

View the complete patch notes here.

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