Steel Division 2 Now Out On Steam, Available In Three Different Editions

Following numerous delays, the WWII RTS title is now available to play.
Steel Division 2 is now available to purchase and play on Steam.
Steel Division 2 is now available to purchase and play on Steam. Eugen Systems

Eugen Systems, best known for their RTS titles, has finally launched the much-awaited sequel to their successful Steel Division: Normandy 44.

Steel Division 2, following numerous delays, is finally on Steam and available to play. The RTS title is Eugen Systems' second outing in the World War II era, and also features some new gameplay mechanics that should change things up for both new and returning players. Check out the launch trailer below.

Unlike Steel Division: Normandy 44, which was largely set in Normandy, Steel Division 2 sees players fighting on the Eastern Front, more specifically Operation Bagration, which saw the Soviet Union inflicting the biggest defeat in German military history by managing to destroy 28 out of their 34 divisions.

Set in Bielorussia, Steel Division 2 features a new gameplay mechanic in the single-player game mode called Dynamic Strategic Campaigns, which sees players control a General in 1:1 scale turn-based battle with RTS elements thrown into the mix. Of course, you’re also free to engage in real-time tactical battles as a Colonel, or as a Weapons Expert in the brand-new Deck Building System.

Steel Division 2 features more than 600 extremely detailed units across 18 divisions, realistic battlefields spread throughout 25 maps, and a realistic art direction to boot. It’s an amazing pick-up if you’re big into historical realism in your real-time strategy experiences, and you can play Steel Division 2 now across different editions with varying degrees of features.

The Pre-Order Pack has been released for free, and includes 2 exclusive divisions with exclusive units, 2 exclusive Aces, 2 exclusive camos and 2 exclusive wallpapers. There are also three Deluxe Editions available to purchase.

  • General Deluxe Edition – features the History Pass, which contains three upcoming History Packs set to be released later this year. The General Deluxe Edition also includes 3 dynamic strategic campaigns, 12 divisions, new nations to play as, 6 new Aces, new units and 30 camos.
  • Commander Deluxe Edition – this edition has the Commander Deluxe Pack, which mostly features exclusive behind-the-scenes and cosmetic content. It includes 6 exclusive Aces, 6 exclusive camos, a digital art book, a digital battle log, a digital tactical guide, 4 wallpapers, 4 technical sheets and 2 streaming overlays.
  • Total Conflict Edition – for the completionist. This includes all content under the General Deluxe Edition, Commander Deluxe Edition, plus all existing pre-order content.

Steel Division 2 is now available on Steam for PC.

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