Stationeers: Players Can Now Name Their Plants in Second Farming Update

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The second part of the Farming Update for Stationeers is now available on Steam. One of its highlights is that players can now name their plants and planters using an item called the labeler.

The labeler is a useful tool for farming in Stationeers to let players label their plants, key for easily distinguishing between currently growing crops.

This update also implements some plant light changes. For one, the time required for plants to be bathed in sunlight is now based on the strength of the light source. This implies that plants will need longer light time to flourish on cold planets (or areas with low solar intensity) than those grown on hotter worlds like Vulcan.

Additionally, plants can now receive more sunshine each day, which gives them a growth boost. This bonus only applies if their required "darkness time" is satisfied.

Moreover, players can now use a single grow light in conjunction with natural sunlight when growing their plants. For this reason, the light provided by the basic grow light has been adjusted to just 80% intensity.


  • Updated plant tooltips to be more compact and only convey verbose information when something is wrong
  • Reduced Corn and Pumpkin's minimum darkness, to allow them to gain larger growth bonuses from extra light.
  • Fixed stacker tooltip showing quantity twice
  • Fixed 5-way cable junctions reduced to 3 from 4 cables to be the same as 6-way junctions.
  • Fixed split stacks only going to the left hand. Split stacks will now go to any free hand or merge with a stackable in hand of the same type. If none is found the split stack will be dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed Instance where a save with a lower-than-expected number of serialized trader contacts would fail to load.
  • Added missing mushroom recipes
  • Added Plant Genetic Analyser will now show the name of the plant that the sample came from.
  • Added Plants will retain custom names when planted and pass on custom names to harvested child plants and seeds.
  • Disallowed saving when the game state is loading and in a few cases where the directory may not have been established yet
  • Added further messages to the plant tooltip to let players know when the plant is not yet mature or not yet seeding

Stationeers: Farming Update Part II is available on PC.

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