Stationeers September 20 Update: Deep Miner and Bug Fixes

Stationeers Update 0.2.3619.17630
Stationeers Update 0.2.3619.17630 steam

Stationeers developer RocketWerkz recently released a new update that introduced the Deep Miner and chute devices.

Deep Miner

In this update, developers added a new device called the Deep Miner. This device is constructed on the terrain surface and used to drill bedrock located at the bottom. The device will produce 10 stacks of Dirty Ore every 90 seconds but more if you go deeper.

Make sure you process Dirty Ore with the help of the centrifuges before smelting or else it will go to waste.


Developers also added five new chutes that come in basic and digital versions. One of these is the valve, a basic directional chute that acts as a gate, and you can open it to allow items to flow through or close it to stop items from flowing. It also comes in a digital version that can be set using the dial.

Stationeers Update 0.2.3619.17630

  • Updated digital chute flip flop manual toggle collider position.
  • Tweaked digital chute valve. You can now set the “Quantity” with logic. (This is the number of items that have passed through already). Also made the minimum setting 0 instead of 1. If set to 0 the valve will never auto close,
  • Fixed Station contacts were in the wrong part of the Loading sequence, this would cause loading them to throw "Couldn't register x with id" errors.
  • Fixed BareBones Start condition throws error and returns to main menu when playing as robot or Zrillian.
  • Added cancellation token and thread abort when editor application is quitting. A possible fix to auto save issue in editor.
  • Fixed NRE syncing Client.DaysLived causing dedicated server to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed DeepMiner not syncing minded terrain on dedicated server.
  • Added Deep Miner crafting recipe to use steel and invar on the MKII autolathe.
  • Modified Deep Miner and Combustion Centrifuge recipes to also use constantan, take longer, have increased printing times, and have stack sizes of 1.
  • Added "atmos count" command. Returns number of atmosphere cells and number of rooms.
  • Changed DeepMiner drill bedrock position.
  • Fixed Digital Chute Devices returning incorrect kit when deconstructed.
  • Removed unused Logic vars from CombustionCentrifuge: Mode, Setting, Ratio, Maximum.
  • Updated Stationpedia entries for both centrifuges, dirty ore, and deep miner.
  • Increased centrifuge and deep miner power requirements. Decreased Combustion centrifuge power requirements.
  • Fixed Typo in DaysPassedPlayerMessage.

You can read more about the update here.

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