Stationeers: Latest Update Includes Hem Droid Improvements

April 6 Update
April 6 Update Steam

Did you purchase the H.E.M. Droids Species Pack for Stationeers? If so, you have to download the latest update because it includes plenty of quality-of-life improvements, specifically for those who have the said DLC.

The Hem Droid now has a dedicated Sleeper in the latest patch for Stationeers. This device keeps the Hem Droids’ batteries charged, so long as it has enough power to do so.

For repairs, the new HEM-Droid Repair Kit is for you. This thing functions similarly to the heal pill but made especially for HEM Droids.

The Disposable Battery Charger is a new consumable in Stationeers that is great for emergency situations. Unlike the previous items mentioned which can only be used by HEM Droids, the Disposable Battery Charger can also be utilized by other species to keep their suits powered up.

Improved Performance

The developers implemented performance improvements as well, which are quite evident if you have a massive and complex base. For one, the server tick rate for bases with plenty of chutes and chute devices is improved.

Moreover, optimizations are made in other areas, including the Satellite Dish scanning logic, Trading Motherboard Computer Screen interface, and decay tick, among others. These improvements should make the game feel smoother and more responsive, so it’s best to update to the latest version asap.


  • Added stairwell variants to stairs kit
  • Fixed bug where you could call down the same trader to multiple landing pads. Now, when the trader begins to approach, the land button will be disabled. Also added a safety check so stop this behavior if called by other means.
  • Changed sleeper and cryo tube behavior with regards to robot batteries. Now, robot batteries will continue to drain inside regular sleepers and cryo tubes. To maintain robot batteries when offline, use the "droid" variant of the sleeper.
  • Fixed DisposableBatteryCharger sounds not playing sounds when charging another player.
  • Fixed Emissive material on DisposableBatteryCharger, now show blue emissive when charged and red when discharged.
  • Fixed Can use DisposableBatteryCharger when it has been discharged.
  • Fixed Some issues around grow light plant lighting.
  • Made trader shuttle collision box a little smaller. Tweaked how often collisions can occur by adding a debounce time.
  • Fixed Laptop positioned incorrectly in right hand.
  • Refactored set hand position function to make it more flexible.
  • Changed data and power cable lists on device from fields to properties
  • Fixed fertilizer not affecting plant yield
  • Re added changes from rev. 18797 and fixed a few bugs where batteries and apcs weren't supplying power correctly
  • Fixed Clients see airlock control as disabled when joining.
  • Fixed AdvancedAirlock doesn't update PressureExternal and PressureInternal values on clients.
  • Fixed Settings would get saved when the game was paused. Possible cause of access violation error when saving game bug.
  • Changed moved sound mixer channel volume management out of the Settings.OnValueChanged Function to AudioManager.
  • Fixed Changing music volume setting would reinitialize the main menu scene.

Stationeers April 6 update is available on PC.

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