Stationeers: Multiplayer Now Works Flawlessly in Latest Update Thanks to Steam P2P

Multiplayer Update
Multiplayer Update Steam

Developers of the space construction and management sim Stationeers have improved the game’s multiplayer thanks to Steam P2P. Read further to learn more.

Steam P2P Re-enabled

For those who didn’t know, the Stationeers dev team disabled Steam P2P back when they made low-level changes during the multiplayer refactor.

While it was possible for you to play the game with your friends online prior to Update 0.2.3888.18748, you had to manually forward ports or enable UPnP on your router just so you can host a server.

Now that everything is in place, the team finally re-enabled Steam P2P in the latest patch. This means that you no longer have to do those things as all tunneling is handled by Valve’s networking feature.

Steam P2P
Steam P2P Steam

Improved Plant Analyzer

The team also improved the plant analyzer cartridge in this update. For instance, the text that indicates whether a plant is deficient in light/darkness is now shown in red. This is to let you know that something has to be done or else plant growth will be stifled due to illumination stress.


  • Fixed missing "seeding" logic slot description in stationpedia
  • Fixed missing emissive material on centrifuge info panel
  • Fixed incorrectly coloured thumbnails for turbo pumps
  • Fixed erroneous EndConnection method call in Client.Disconnect
  • Added delay after disconnect handshake
  • Changed Extracted P2PSession request processing into its own function.
  • Changed Ordering of Disconnect handshake message.
  • Added ClientDisconnected Callback to on Client.cs when client Disconnects from steam p2p.
  • Cleaned up logging for DeleteOutOfBoundsObjects.
  • Fixed floor grating kit collider size
  • Fixed drain switch collider size
  • Fixed dynamic gas canister tooltips not appearing when the canister is wrenched to a connector
  • Fixed Broken Build State Prefab errors on centrifuge devices.
  • Improved Error handling when loading devices with build-state errors.
  • Fixed advanced composter not restarting processing when loading save
  • Fixing steam p2p disconnections
  • Added Setting UseSteamP2P.
  • Removed Setting P2PHostEnabled.
  • Fixed Access Cartridge doesn't work on large fridge.
  • Added green/red coloring on plant analyser text for when required/toxic gasses are in/out of range.
  • Removed "create character" popup when joining game
  • Fixed Newly built lights have a lens flare effect even though they are turned off.
  • Fixed Blueprints showing flare on wall lights.
  • Added HydrationEfficiency to the Plant analyzer tablet.
  • Changed Plants that are light or darkness deficient will recover x2 faster once put into the correct state.
  • Added More robust handling of spawning and de-spawning of trader pilot.
  • Added Correct plant tooltip for when the plant is dead.
  • Added Autosave now schedules the Game Simulation Tick to pause at the end of the current execution and then awaits gameTick pause state before proceeding to copy the world data.
  • Added AutoSave will cancel if it detects atmospherics data modified during the save process.

Stationeers Update 0.2.3888.18748 is now available on PC.

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