Stars End Update Adds Force Fields, Client Sided Issues Fixed

Stars End Update
Stars End Update mmogames

Developer Reverie World Studios recently released a new update for Stars End which implements a lot of bug fixes and adds new features. Additionally, there were some balances made for resource mining. These changes grant the player more resources in less time.

Reverie World Studios also fixed the issues with bases getting raided when players were playing solo. There are bigger orbital space stations and new force fields allowing oxygen on the landing pads. Some client-sided issues such as bears going through walls were also addressed in the latest patch.

You can find the patch notes below:

New features and fixes

  • Fixing all issues with bases getting raided, or items stolen on Solo
  • Various fixes for invisible player interaction on Solo
  • A lot of improvements to the new Orbital Space stations - bigger platforms
  • Added force field to Orbital Space Stations allowing oxygen on the landing pads
  • Fixed major duping issue with vehicle multiplying on player claims
  • Fixed issues with items disappearing from storage boxes
  • Fixed issues with Trees remaining standing after getting cut down
  • Fixed renaming claims not always working
  • No longer can place vehicle inside the Orbital Space station
  • Players now have 90 minutes to fix a broken claimed vehicles
  • Various fixes for broken vehicle spots being spawns together with Oil Tanks
  • Fixed issues with Bear going through walls
  • Animals now play groan sounds when taking damage
  • Fixed animals not showing blood when being hit by melee weapons
  • Oraphant is added to the game, with a lot of areas populated around Clayton
  • Fixed dropping items on the ground not working

Balancing Changes

  • Mining Scrap Metal from ruins now gives twice as much Scrap Metal in half the time
  • Mining from rocks now twice as fast
  • Mining from Asteroids is now twice as fast
  • Sawing logs now generated double the amount of Wood Logs, in 30% less time
  • Grazer now mines twice as fast from all sources
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