Stardew Valley Switch Version Submitted To Nintendo For Approval

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Stardew Valley is coming to the Switch soon now that development has finished @Tiyuri

Ever since indie publisher Chucklefish announced Stardew Valley would come to the Nintendo Switch, gamers everywhere have been wondering when we'll be able to farm, fish and frolic on the go. No official dates have been announced yet, but the latest word on the matter seems like the release will be here soon.

The tweet above comes from the CEO of Chucklefish, the publisher of Stardew Valley. According to the tweet, Stardew Valley is more or less done with development, and the game has been shipped off to Nintendo. Now that Nintendo has it, the company will do some last-minute tests to make sure everything is working properly, then give Chucklefish the green light to start selling copies.

Chucklefish is holding off on a release date announcement to make sure everything is good to go first. This way, the company won’t have to disappoint any fans. However, it seems Chucklefish is looking forward to announcing a release date almost as much as fans want to hear it, so follow @Tiyuri for all the up-to-the-minute news on when we can expect to see Stardew Valley on Switch.

So when will Stardew Valley be available on Switch? If we’re in the “waiting on Nintendo” phase of development, a full release could be a few weeks away. That said, Nintendo could hold the game back a little longer if there’s a bigger game planned to launch around the same time. Realistically, I’d expect to see this up on the eShop either in October or November.

In other Stardew Valley news, Chucklefish is still working on the big multiplayer update, with a 2018 launch and late 2017 beta planned. Stardew Valley gamers on PC will be the first to try out multiplayer, with the patch releasing for consoles afterwards. There’s no release window for when the multiplayer patch will arrive, but Chucklefish has confirmed that Switch will be the first console to get the update, with PS4 and Xbox One coming later.

So what do you think? Are you excited to start playing Stardew Valley on your Switch? Are you looking forward to the multiplayer update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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