StarCraft 2 Unveils New Maps For Season 6

Things to expect for Season 6.
Things to expect for Season 6. Blizzard

StarCraft 2 revealed the newest set of maps that are set to join the Season 6 pool. Blizzard also shared information about the reset of the ranks, as well as new rewards to get.

New Maps

For this season, there are a total of seven new maps. There are four four-player maps, two two-player map, and a rare three-player battleground. The maps are:

  • Four-Player
    • Fighting Spirit
      • This fan favorite brings with it years of history and makes a a rather successful comeback in StarCraft: Remastered Season 6.
    • Escalade 0.90
      • A brand-new addition to Afreeca Starleague Season (ASL) Season 9, this four-player map takes place on a space platform with elevation shifts that reward those who manage to get good positioning.
    • Circuit Breaker 1.0
      • One of the classics with a long competitive history. This map guarantees sprawling battles and also making sure that you look at the big-picture macro play.
    • La Mancha 1.1
      • A desert map, it has that distinct windmill-inspired layout which is sure to drive players into battle on four central hills.
  • Two-Player
    • New Bloody Ridge 2.1
      • Featured during the ASL Season 8, this map is set on a hilly jungle planet, with an expansion available in the middle and rich in vespene gas.
    • Hitchhiker
      • Featured in ASL Season 9, the short distance between the bases results in aggressive plays.
  • Three-Player
    • Neo_Sylphid
      • While being rare this one is a favorite of the StarCraft: Remastered development team. The map has been in ASL Seasons 7, 8, and 9.

Ranking and Rewards

In order to be able to see your standing, you need to complete five placement matches. For the first two weeks, the ranks are going to be based on the Matchmaking Rating ranges of the previous season. After that, StarCraft 2 is going to use a percentage-based system seen below:

  • S – Top 1%
  • A – 7%
  • B – 21%
  • C – 21%
  • D – 21%
  • E – 21%
  • F – 8%

In order for everyone to be able to known just how good they are, four Ultralisk portraits are going to be given to those who manage to distinguish themselves on the ladder. Players who manage to get to S-Rank can even get an animated portrait.

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