StarCraft 2 Guide: How To Find Your Way Around These New Maps

StarCraft II Season 3 introduces new maps.
StarCraft II Season 3 introduces new maps. Blizzard

StarCraft 2 is introducing new maps in Season 3, which begins today. There are going to be different maps for 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.

1x1 MAPS

In this guide, we are looking in-depth at five of the new 1x1 maps.

Disco Bloodbath LE

In this map, you get the chance to move through the dancefloor and do your best move to take the win. You need to be careful of the colorful tiles and the lights as they may interfere with your vision and result in the opponent getting the chance to sneak up to you.

Catch the disco fever and destroy your opponent.
Catch the disco fever and destroy your opponent. Blizzard

Ephemeron LE

You need to have positional awareness in this map as the small bridges and ramps can help you in defense. However, you have the chance to destroy rocks allowing unobstructed attack paths across higher ground.

Know where you are.
Know where you are. Blizzard

Triton LE

The Triton map is set in a frozen outpost and offers bases on both low and high ground. In the middle of the map is a Xel’Naga watch tower, which can give you vision to important attack routes. Prepare to bundle up.

High and low with a bonus in the middle.
High and low with a bonus in the middle. Blizzard

Winter’s Gate LE

This is a smaller map that offers a direct route between the high ground third base locations. The problem is that there are Inhibitor Zone Generators, which slow down units that go past them. Be sure not to pick fights in these areas.

Beware the inhibitors.
Beware the inhibitors. Blizzard

World of Sleepers LE

This map is gives you three options for your third base. There is the standard option, the aggressive low-ground base that offers a rich geyser, and the protected base located behind a row of depleted minerals.

Be careful where you expand.
Be careful where you expand. Blizzard

Now that you have an idea of the new 1x1 options, let's take a sneak peek at the team maps. These are maps for 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 fights.

2x2 MAPS

Rhoskallian LE

They say in space no one hears you scream. This map offers a number of orbit platforms as bases. It’s something that outlaws and pirates have long known.

Beware the low orbit platforms.
Beware the low orbit platforms. Blizzard

3x3 MAPS

Jungle Depths LE

What better way to fight that in the jungle? The main bases are relatively easy to defend given that they can only be accessed through a single ramp and some reaper cliffs. Going for an expansion opens two ramps. However, it leads to some interesting choices when it comes to the location for the third expansion.

Take care in the jungle.
Take care in the jungle. Blizzard

4x4 MAPS

Mementos LE

Finally we go to the 4x4 maps. This map is a good option to practice team play. You start in a base that you can easily defend with its chokes and expansion. The challenge is how to move to the third base since it opens up pathways.

Defend and expand.
Defend and expand. Blizzard

Now that you have an idea of some the maps, the list below shows the final map selection for StarCraft 2 2019 Season 3:

  • 1x1 Maps
    • Disco Bloodbath LE
    • Ephemeron LE
    • Triton LE
    • Winter’s Gate LE
    • World of Sleepers LE
    • Acropolis LE
    • Thunderbird LE
  • 2x2 Maps
    • Rhoskallian LE
    • Divergence LE
    • Efflorescence LE
    • Dusty Gorge
    • Traitor's Exile
    • Overgrown Facility
    • Emerald City LE
  • 3x3 Maps
    • Jungle Depths LE
    • Bone Temple LE
    • Rosebud LE
    • Snowbound Colony
    • Buried Caverns
    • Whitewater Line LE
    • Canyon of Tribulation
  • 4x4 Maps
    • Mementos LE
    • Sunset Valley LE
    • Shipwrecked LE
    • Troizinia LE
    • Old Estate
    • Last Remnant
    • Multiprocessor LE


As a final word, the new season isn’t just about maps. For Season 3, StarCraft 2 is offering players a free name change. The season is also introducing a new trophy.

Battlecruiser operational.
Battlecruiser operational. Blizzard
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