StarCraft 2 Patch 4.9.2: War Chest 4 Now Available, New Announcers Added

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StarCraft II released its latest update with patch 4.9.2. The update makes several general changes along with updates for co-op missions. This latest patch also now makes the War Chest 4 structure skin bundles available for purchase.

Patch 4.9.2 adds four new announcers which feature some of the most legendary commentators in the game’s history:

  • Announcer: Um
  • Announcer: Jeon
  • Announcer: Kim
  • Announcer: Um-Jeon-Kim

Players need to buy all three individual announcers in order to unlock the fourth Um-Jeon-Kim trio. This can also be obtained by purchasing the Voices of Legend Bundle.

For the StarCraft II co-op missions, the updates are as follows:

  • Amon will now research a larger variety of upgrades for his units.
  • Amon will now have a chance to utilize one of six new attack wave compositions inspired from the original StarCraft.
    • Terran Classic Bio
    • Terran Classic Mech
    • Zerg Classic Ground
    • Zerg Classic Air
    • Protoss Classic Ground
    • Protoss Classic Air
  • When Amon's army is first encountered, players will now be shown a description of the attack wave composition and a list of key units to watch out for.
  • Commander
    • Stetmann
      • Mecha Battlecarrier Lord Ready Mecha Broodling cost decreased from 15 Egonergy to 5 Egonergy.
      • Mecha Infestor Egonergy pool increased from 200 to 400.
      • Roaches Away! Egonergy cost increased from 125 to 250.

Hero changes from 4.9.2 include:

  • Dehaka
    • Fixed an issue where Ravasaurs could appear to move slow or to leap occasionally
    • The Tyrannozor's Spike Burst attack now properly receives damage increases from the Level 1 Primal Attacks upgrade
  • Artanis, Fenix, Karax
    • Fixed an issue where an unintended upgrade icon could appear on the Observer’s command card
  • Stetmann
    • Deploy Stetellite can no longer be cancelled.
    • Stetmato Cannon’s animation now properly stops when the target is destroyed or killed before Stemato Cannon fires
    • The Recyclable icon no longer appears unlocked on the Mecha Banelings command card before reaching level 5
    • The Recycle and Recyclable icons for Mecha Ultralisks now properly appear unlocked at level 5
  • Tychus
    • Crooked Sam can no longer attack Stetmann’s Stetellite again after disabling it with his first shot

Other changes are:

  • Mission
    • Fixed an issue where ground units could clip inside buildings on Vermillion Problem
  • Mutators
    • Destructible Debris is no longer cloaked while the We Move Unseen mutator is enabled
    • Purifier Beams no longer target Stetmann’s Stetellites
    • Missiles created by the Missile Command mutator no longer spawn Broodlings when destroyed
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