StarCraft 2 5.0 Patch Notes: Galaxy Editor Changes, Bug Fixes

StarCraft II Update
StarCraft II Update Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the classic RTS game StarCraft 2, has just released the patch notes for the StarCraft 2 5.0 update, which includes a few bug fixes, some general changes, new campaign achievements, and editor changes. This is a major update for StarCraft 2's tenth anniversary. Blizzard has also fixed multiple crashing issues with the new orb system, along with some fixes to the galaxy editor.

To find more information on the new galaxy editor changes, you can read the full patch notes in the link below.

StarCraft II 5.0 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Countdown to Start Timer
    • In Versus games, a short countdown timer will now count down to the beginning of the game after all players have loaded.
  • Game Server Choice on Lobby Creation
    • Lobby hosts may now select their game server when creating a custom lobby.
    • Note: Requires enabling an option in your “Language and Region” options.
  • New Announcer: White-Ra
    • “More GG, More Skill”
  • New Announcer: Stone
    • A Dominion Ghost with a mysterious past. He is simply known as "Stone".


  • A new campaign achievement has been added for every mission in Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops. Upon completion of all 10th Anniversary Campaign Achievements, players will receive the new Stone announcer.
  • Note: These achievements can be earned on any difficulty above Normal. However, they are designed to be scalable and are possible, though extremely challenging, on even Brutal.


  • A new genre has been added for Arcade maps called “Campaign”
  • A new subsection under “Custom” has been added called “Campaigns”, and displays maps published using the “Campaign” genre.
  • StarCraft II now supports transitioning a multiplayer lobby between two maps.
  • The two maps involved in the transition must be published by the same author.
  • A new function has been added called “Online Map To Map Load”, which allows the author to load an assigned “Map Slot” for all players and assign victory and defeat to different player groups.
  • “Map Slots” are assigned in the Manage Published window by using the “Assign Map Slot” portion of the right-click context menu on a published map.
  • Map Slots must be assigned in each region individually.
  • It is recommended that the first map in the chain contain the asset dependencies required for all other maps that can potentially be transitioned to in order to reduce load times between maps.
  • A new “Campaign” genre has been added that can be assigned in the Game Variants menu.


  • A new “Prestige” system has been added that allows players to play through the level 1-15 progression up to three additional times per commander. Each time a player activates Prestige with a given commander, they will unlock a unique Prestige Talent, which can be used to change the core gameplay of the commander.
  • Only one Prestige Talent may be equipped at a time for each commander and it is possible that a player equips none of these talents, in which case, the commander will receive their standard loadout.
  • Examples of Prestige Talents include:
    • Abathur: The Limitless
      • Ultimate Evolutions are uncapped in number. However, Ultimate Evolutions require 200 Biomass to morph and Biomass gives half the normal benefits.
    • Alarak: Artificer of Souls
      • When a Supplicant dies, it will permanently increase the damage and attack speed of one of Alarak’s nearby non-heroic mechanical units. However, Alarak’s active abilities deal 50% less damage.
    • Dehaka: Broodbrother
      • Dehaka gets a brother. However, they both have less life.
  • With 18 commanders and 3 Prestige Talents per commander, this means there are 54 new Prestige Talents to try out.


  • General
    • Fixed an issue where adding and taking away units from a control group with a large number of units would cause performance hiccups.
    • Fixed an issue where the first attack wave could become stuck during the Legacy of the Void: Whispers of Oblivion campaign mission.
    • The portrait for the Command Center on the Terran Remastered console skin is now properly centered.
    • Fixed an issue where some water doodads would occasionally blink above water.
  • Co-op Missions
    • Karax
      • Newly built Nexuses will now properly cast Chrono Boost on themselves when there is a Karax in the game.
      • Increased the subgroup priority of Energizers in phasing mode to match that of regular Energizers.
    • Mengsk
      • Fixed a bug where Imperial Intercessors with the Dual Resuscitators upgrade would heal more quickly than intended.
    • Stetmann
      • Fixed a bug where Mecha Baneling Egonergy Enhanced Explosives damage was capped at 50.
      • Mecha Utralisks now have a cleave attack as intended.
    • Tychus
      • Fixed an issue where canceling a queued Outlaw could cause a player to lose the Outlaw slot.
  • Versus
    • Fixed a bug where Chronoboost was interacting incorrectly with Transform to Warp Gate.
    • Shield Batteries will now correctly obey stop commands on non-defensive structures while autocast is enabled.
    • Shield Batteries with the Battery Overcharge buff may no longer restore the shields of units inside transports.
  • Galaxy Editor
    • Fixed a bug where the CAbilIcon frame would ignore its command index property.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the legacy map converter to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where a behavior’s Rate Multiplier Array modifier did not work properly on morph abilities.
    • Fixed an issue where the CValidatorUnitTestWeaponType validator could cause a crash if the unit set to be validated does not exist.
  • Additional Galaxy Editor Fixes from 5.0 PTR
    • Fixed an issue where the new Orb system could cause a crash if orb data is set in a certain way. CAbilAttackModifier now respects its requirement and autocast settings.
    • Fixed an issue where the Veterancy behavior could have an empty Veterancy Level Array field. Now the Veterancy behavior can use the Levels field and MinVeterancyXPXXXX fields to config the leveling data of a Hero.
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