Star Wars The Old Republic: Update 6.3.2 Removes Group Loot in Favor of Personal Loot

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A huge update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available. It introduced a lot of things, including the removal of the Master Loot system in favor of the new Personal Loot system, as well as various game fixes and improvements.

New Loot System

Update 6.3.2 removed the Group Loot (or Master Loot) option and replaced it with the new Personal Loot system. According to the game’s developer, BioWare, the previous loot system has resulted in unwanted friction among party members, so they changed that by making the loot go directly into your inventory, instead of having the party leader conduct a dice roll to see who gets what.

Players need not worry about this as the loot gathered by the party will still be tradeable for two hours within the group. In addition, there will be chat logs to record who has received specific gear.


The recent update has also made missions available on the ship console to be shown in the correct story order. Now, players will know exactly how to progress through the story without having to look at information online.

Those who have accidentally destroyed the Strange Holocommunicator from their inventory do not have to worry as they can easily obtain it back from the Collections tab.

Also, several adjustments have been made to vehicle piloting in Chapters I, III, and VII in Knight of the Eternal Throne Room. This is to make the vehicles faster, powerful, and more durable overall.

Patch Highlights

The update added more things, but here is a quick look:

  • All Group loot has been converted to Personal loot. This means Master, Round Robin, and Free for All loot options are no longer available
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from looting Tech Fragments when near the currency cap
  • There is no longer an “undefined” button displayed in the in-game help portal of the Character Selection window preventing players from creating in-game tickets
  • The Life Day Ceiling Light (Globes) decoration is no longer stuck after being placed in Strongholds
  • Players are no longer stuck when jumping on the M-35 Shadow Mount decoration
  • Optimized the lights in the Large and Small Ceiling Sections in the Penthouse Wallset Decoration Bundles
  • Smuggler (Gunslinger)
    • Gunslinger Tacticals: Kneecappin' Ability now correctly accounts for the effects of the “Tech Debt” Tactical when applied with Flourish Shot Ability
  • Imperial Agent (Sniper)
    • Sniper Tacticals: Debilitation Shots Ability now correctly accounts for the effects of the “Tech Debt” Tactical when applied with Shatter Shot Ability
  • Players who declined the Mission in “Conflicting Priorities” as a Saboteur no longer incorrectly receive an update cinematic in “Relentless Ambitions” Mission
  • The camera is no longer above the datapad or too far from the character in the “Search for sign of Wikes’s men'' step of “Into the Dune Sea'' Mission

If you want to learn more about Update 6.3.2, you can read the patch notes here.

So, what can you say about the change to the loot system?

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