Star Wars: The Old Republic "Legacy of the Sith" Coming This Holiday Season

Welcome the Dark Side.
Welcome the Dark Side. Bioworld

Star Wars: The Old Republic is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Kicking off things is a new expansion that introduces players to mystery, intrigue, and conflict. Legacy of the Sith brings players to the farthest reaches and darkest depths of the galaxy.

This new expansion is launching in the holidays and free to all subscribers. Today, we take a look into what players can expect.

More Ways to Play

Legacy of the Sith is introducing Combat Styles to the game. With this, players can have greater customization as Class Story becomes separate from gameplay style. Because of this, Advanced Class options are now available to let players select any Advanced Class within the Tech or Force playstyle.

For example, players can take on the role of a Trooper equipped with a Sniper Rifle. There is also the option to be a Sith Inquisitor skilled in using a lightsaber in each hand. There is even the choice to be part of the Jedi Order but secretly have powers of the Dark Side.

New Storylines

Reports are coming in that the Sith have invaded Manaan to get their hands on the kolto. Players must fight for control of the planet through underwater battles. Players who can complete the Manaan storyline unlock a new base of operations for their faction.

The new expansion also continues the story of Elom, where a ruined Sith Fortress has been discovered. Rumors abound that Darth Malgus may have found something that can impact both the Sith and the Jedi. This new storyline is available not only as a solo experience but also as a multiplayer Flashpoint.

Galactic Season

Once Legacy of the Sith goes live, it starts the Galactic Season: Shadows of the Underworld. Expect to see new rewards centered around the Shadow Syndicate. These include Fen Zeil, a Duros Gunslinger and first Duros Companion in The Old Republic. The new season also brings some quality-of-life improvements.

Improved Player Experience

Players, either veterans or newbies, can expect improvements in the overall experience. Among others, a new character creation experience is coming and new visuals for the character sheet.

Read more about Legacy of the Sith here.

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