Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP Season 2 Starts Today

Prepare to fight.
Prepare to fight. BioWare

It's time to light your lightsaber and join the fight as PvP Season 2 of Star Wars: The Old Republic starts today. Titled “Piercing the Veil,” it features changes and new rewards, along with new content, courtesy of Update 7.2.1.

For PvP Season 2, earning medals by the Attacker and Defender in a match have been tweaked. The team revealed that the goal of these tweaks is to improve the quality of matches by encouraging players to play for the objective and play to win. For now, the adjustments are limited to the Alderaan Warzone map but they will roll out to all maps in the coming days.

Changes include:

  • Defender points per tick have been increased to 700 points per tick (up from 500 points per tick).
  • Turret Control Zones have been increased.
  • When within the control zones of a turret controlled by the player’s team, they will receive 500 defender points when defeating a player.
  • When within the control zones of a turret controlled by the opposing team, players will receive 500 attacker points for every player they defeat.

Reduced Requirements

To ensure that players focus on different PvP tasks, the number of requirements for the Arena Advocator and Warzone Warrior Achievements are lowered from 25 weekly completions to 12. Much like the previous season, players still earn PvP points by playing and completing PvP content. These points are based on these criteria:

  • Types of match
  • Win/Loss
  • Amount of medals earned during the match. The amount of medals has been adjusted to improve the completion of the season:
    • To receive full credit for the match, players now only need to get 7 medals instead of 8.
    • The associated objectives that referenced 8 medals now only require 7 as well.

Other Highlights of Update 7.2.1

In addition to a new PvP season, Update 7.2.1 also launches the new Galactic Season 4 titled "A Passage of Peace." In this one, players are joined by Amity, who is a Force user on a pilgrimage, as they progress through the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track and earn new rewards.

Players can also look forward to the tweaks done for the game's economy and the new 64-bit game client available to all players.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe available on PC.

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