Star Wars: The Old Republic General Improvements in Update 7.1

Star Wars: The Old Republic
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Update 7.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available. This massive patch brings a lot of general improvements, especially one that many players will surely love.

One of the notable things implemented in Update 7.1 is that alacrity, accuracy, and shield chance are no longer scaled by the Level Shift system except in PvP. For context, the Level Shift system scales some of the player’s stats down to be in line with the content they want to tackle (i.e. PvE or PvP). With this change, players who stack alacrity, for example, will have far shorter cast times than those who don’t, regardless of what planet they’re in. Of course, these tertiary stats are scaled down in PvP so that those with lower-level gear can compete in the arena without getting beaten to a pulp.

Another notable improvement is that players can now see weapons when inspecting a character in the Outfit Designer.

  • Increased the number of Guild Commendations given when a Guild meets their Conquest Target:
    • Small Yield Rewards 80 (up from 70)
    • Medium Yield Rewards 90 (up from 80)
    • Large Yield Rewards 100 (up from 90)
  • Added more options to customize subtitles. Amongst the new options, players can now do the following:
    • Increase the subtitles scale further than you could previously.
    • Change the color of the text
    • Add a background and change its color
  • Rested Experience now correctly increases when a character is logged out in a rest zone.
  • The Field Respecialization Legacy Perk now appears as an unlock option in the Character window for eligible players.
  • Improved the visibility of the materials received in the Deconstruction window.
  • A new Loadout is no longer created when closing the Loadout window while creating a new one.
  • The Loadout Character preview is now updated when selecting different Loadouts.
  • NPCs and item names no longer exceed the header section of the Loot window.
  • There is no longer a circle when hovering the mouse over the Loadout button of the Character Sheet window.
  • Equipped tunings are now properly displayed when previewing characters from the Character Sheet window.
  • Armor pieces are now colored immediately after a dye module is applied.
  • Fixed overlap issues in the Loot window.
  • Currency bags now correctly mention the new name of the currencies.
  • Imperial Turrets are no longer floating at the entrance of the Imperial Lodgment on Belsavis.
  • Equipped relics no longer display the upgraded item icon (green arrow) in the Quickbar.
  • Customizations are locked and cannot be changed when going back to the “Choose your origin story” screen, as intended.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 7.1 is available on PC.

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