Star Wars: The Old Republic Reveals August In-Game Events

A new set of in-game events.
A new set of in-game events. BioWare

It's a new month and that means fresh in-game events this August in Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are three happening this month with the first one starting tomorrow, August 2. Meanwhile, the Tenth Anniversary event is still ongoing.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event returns and it's time for players to test their luck at the exotic Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casinos. Those lucky enough have the chance to get their hands on rare and extravagant rewards. This event is also good for those who want a change in scenery since it's happening on Mek-Sha. There are new Daily Missions and rewards available as well for those who have credits to spare. The event starts tomorrow, August 2, and ends on September 13.

The featured rewards are:

  • Kingpin’s and Nightlife Socialite Armor Sets
  • Phrojo Nuray and Gammorean Bodyguard Companions
  • Vectron Magnus and Kingpin's Rancor Mounts
  • Kingpin’s Predator Mount
  • Taxidermy Stronghold Decorations
  • Cartel Market Certificates
  • High Roller Shades
  • Replica C1-4W Mini-pet
  • Kingpin’s Grigna Mount
  • Blast Pad Floor Trap and Frost Floor Trap Stronghold Decorations
  • New High Roller Weapons
  • New Lucky Pritarr Mount
  • New Fiery Grefna Chick
  • New Proud Pritarr Cub
  • New Shimmering Ginx

The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

From August 9 to August 16, players at least level 20 are invited to see if they have what it takes to be the best in the All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally. The featured rewards for this event are:

  • Swoop Rally Mounts (regular and gold versions)
  • Swoop Gang Outfits
  • Promotion Droid Mini-pets
  • Various Stronghold Decorations

Rakghoul Resurgence on Tatooine

From racing, the next event moves to Tatooine with players asked to deal with an outbreak. It starts on August 23 and runs until August 30. Only players at least level 25 can join the event. Featured rewards include:

  • Reputation with THORN
  • Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set
  • THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets
  • Outbreak Response Weapons
  • Alliance Contact - Doctor Lokin
  • Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback Mounts
  • Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets

Ten-Year Anniversary

Tenth Anniversary

The Tenth Anniversary event started in December 2021 and is expected to end in January 2023. There’s a lot to enjoy here and players only need to be at least level 10 to join.

Read more about the August in-game events here. Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe.

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