Star Wars: The Old Republic Digging Deeper Update Now Live

New content added.
New content added. BioWare

A new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is now live. One of the highlights is an update to the story which is Digging Deeper; players get to peek at the mysterious plans of Darth Malgus. In particular, players will know more about why Malgus is fascinated with Darth Nul. In addition, they also get to learn the fate of Sa’har Kateen.

Other highlights of Patch 7.1 include:

  • R-4 Anomaly Operation
    • Team up with friends and take on the members of an obscure Sith cult set on harvesting technology from an ancient weapon of terrifying power.
    • Power up all the way to Item Rating 340.
  • Manaan Daily Area
    • Explore the depths of Manaan in the new Daily Area.
    • Players can expand their faction’s influence with all new story and daily quests, new achievements, and a new reputation track, including new rewards and titles.
  • Class Balance
    • Several changes have been made for a better balance across all the Combat Styles.
  • ​New Tacticals
    • Four new Tactical items are available at the Supplies vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleets.
  • ​User Interface enhancements
    • To improve the player experience, changes have been made to:
      • Character Window.
      • Weapons in Outfitter.
      • Combat style icons.
      • Customization options to chat and subtitles added.
  • Power Increase
    • New Item Ratings of gear have been added to Upgrade Vendors on the Fleet.
    • Increase power up to Item Rating 330 by completing Conquests, Flashpoints, and Legacy Operations.
  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife
    • The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is back this August.

Other changes introduced in this new patch are:

  • Increased the number of Guild Commendations given when a Guild meets their Conquest Target:
    • Small Yield Rewards 80 (up from 70).
    • Medium Yield Rewards 90 (up from 80).
    • Large Yield Rewards 100 (up from 90).
  • Added more options to customize subtitles:
    • Increase the subtitles scale further than you could previously.
    • Change the color of the text.
    • Add a background and change its color.
  • Increased the Power Ceiling, players can now obtain these new Item Ratings:
    • Noble Decurion Gear – 330 (up from 326).
    • Elite Decurion Gear – 330 (up from 324).
    • Supreme Decurion Gear – 330 (up from 326).
    • Tionese Gear – 330 (up from 322).
    • Columi Gear – 330 (up from 326).
    • Thyrsian Gear – 328 (up from 326).
    • Legendary Implants – 334 (up from 330).

Read the complete patch notes here. Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe.

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