Star Wars: Republic Commando Blasting its Way to Nintendo Switch and PS4

Coming to new platforms.
Coming to new platforms. Aspyr

Star Wars: Republic Commando is happy to announce its arrival to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This first-person tactical shooter has players lead a team as they go through missions that increase in difficulty. It's coming to the new platforms on April 6 and will be offered at $14.99.

The game was originally released in 2005 but only limited to PC and Xbox One. In a press statement, Aspyr co-founder Ted Staloch said that the game has been a fan-favorite and they are happy to have been partnered with Lucasfilm Games to offer the game to new platforms.

The Story

The story is set in the expanded Star Wars universe, specifically during the Clone Wars. Players take on the role of an elite clone trooper known as RC–1338 and lead a team composed of three other clone commandos, RC-1262, RC-1140, and RC-1207, each with unique personalities. The team takes on missions that span across the Clone Wars and travel to different locations in the Star Wars universe.

The Gameplay

While the game is indeed similar to other first-person shooters, it has one big difference. It’s the way the players control the three NPC teammates through the squadmate order system. Players can issue various orders for the squad to follow like duking it out with the enemies or letting them secure a position in the area. By default, the three squad members take on their preferred roles like technical, demolitions, or sniper.

Additionally, everyone in the team doesn’t die when they run out of health but instead gets incapacitated. As long as at least one member is alive and kicking, the game continues. It only ends when all members are incapacitated at the same time.

The Music

Although Star Wars: Republic Commando is not the first Star Wars game, it is however the first such game to offer licensed music. One song titled Clones performed by the band called Ash was featured in the game. Of course, the majority of the soundtrack makes use of the original score by John Williams.

Learn more about the game here.

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